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What is oDesktop?
oDesktop is the online desktop for you to run any of the web-based applications that includes: oDrive, oPhoto, oMusic, oNetwork, oEmail, oNews and oGames from the comfort of your home, office or whenever you are on the move.

As a revolutionary product from Comdev that is built using Ajax and PHP to embrace Web 2.0, oDesktop mimics Windows-like applications behavior to run multiple web applications at a time in your web browser.

Why do you need oDesktop?
Because with oDesktop installed at your web hosting account, you can now store your files and share them online, view your photos, listen to your music, network with people, check your emails, read your favorite news and play some Flash games in your very own personal desktop on the Web.

What can oDesktop do for you?
Leverage on your 5 GB, 10 GB, or even 1 Terabytes of hosting space,
and turn your hosting account into a web-based file manager. Upload and store your files online for remote access and as backup.
A solution to send your very large files across the Internet,
to your friends where it is too big as email attachment or FTP is just too technical for you. Upload to your oDrive and share it for download.
Use it as your Intranet or Virtual Private Network (VPN),
to share files, communicate and collaborate with your colleagues in an inexpensive way. All you need is just a web hosting account.
Store all your important and memorable photos online,
and never lose them in case your hard disk crashes, laptop being stolen, or any disaster that you can't imagine.
Access to your files and corporate emails anywhere.
You can still have your important data and information on hand when you are on the move without bringing your laptop. For example, you will want to carry as less as possible when you are on vacation or going to country-side.

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