SOLVED: Suggestions To Fix Custom Error Status Codes.

You may encounter an error stating custom error status codes. There are several ways to solve this problem, which we will talk about a little later.

How to fix Windows crashes

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    filter kitThe handleerrorattribute attribute is the default representation of errors in ASP.NET MVC. Check the response status code in the developer control panel by pressing F12 (in and chrome), refresh the page again. You will see that it usually responds with a 500 status code. This setting is only for displaying a custom page for generating 500 level errors, but does not support other error codes.

      Delete    StatusCode="500"  html"  Delete  html"  remove StatusCode="400" 

    The Page Found Below.


    public: property StatusCode int int get(); invalid entry (int value); ;
    [System.Configuration.ConfigurationProperty("statusCode", IsKey=true, IsRequired=true)][System.Configuration.IntegerValidator(MaxValue=MinValue 999,=100)]public receive; a set of status codes; 
    [][]member this.StatusCode: int with get, set custom error status codes

    Status public propertyCode as int

    Property value


    HTTP error status code causing a redirect to a custom error page.



    The following rule example shows how to access the Attached status code. See the detailed code in the lesson's theme example for customerror, how to get the collection.

    // Get the second error code.Custom error = error1 current = CustomErrorCollection[1];integer currentStatusCode currentError1.StatusCode;// Then set the StatusCode from which the error originated.current error1. Status code.= Get 404;' second error status code. Dim currentError1 Because CustomError is _ custom error collection (1) Dim CurrentStatusCode as int_ = current error1.Set states' code is usually the second StatusCode error. currentError1.StatusCode means 404


    Cos codeHTTP persistence is used by the ASP.NET framework only to redirect the application to the current one when an error occurs, a certain drag occurs on the page.

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    A custom error should only be thrown if it was raised by an ASP.NET managed object. Otherwise you, net; you will probably get standard error.


    I am an ASP.4 net site on Windows 2010 R2 IIS with version 7.5.

    For development, I also use Windows and 7 version 2011 with IIS 7.5. custom error status codes

    safe break EventArgs page_load(object sender, e)   Response.StatusCode = 404;

    It works fine on all my dev machines, I see a nice error page in my browser and use Fiddler to confirm that I'm only being prompted for an HTTP 404 status. If

    Now I'm posting different types of stories on my server. I see IIS native 404 here ("C:inetpubcusterren-US404 page.htm")

    If I include Response.StatusCode in my code-behind, II will correctly get an error page with on some servers, although 200 is only with HTTP status.

    If your family is using standard ASP .NET custom error pages, your content is likely returning incorrect HTTP record codes for errors experienced by users in your company (preferably as few as possible). Of course, users viewing a beautiful error page are first-class, but users are not always blood and tissue. Search engine crawlers become your users too (in a sense) and they don't care about funny pictures and simple lines on your pages. They are errors; take care of returned HTTP status codes. For example, if a request for a new deleted page continues to return a 404 status code, Google search engine will remove the index. However, if it does not return invalid error HTML, search engines may leave the page in their index.


    Unfortunately, custom ASP.NET pages do not return the correct error code. Here is your config error page ASP. Typical clean and elegant, flowing concrete into the Web.config file:


    And here's a Fiddler trace of what happens when someone requests a good page that should just return a desktop 404:

    As you can see, the /ThisPageDoesNotExist request could return 302 and redirect the actual browser to the error page (/Pages/Error404) specified in the configuration, but only that page has 200, which is the code for a successful request! Our human users won't notice anything as they will see a broken web page displayed in their browser, but any search bot will think who exactly this page exists for because of that 200 status code! And this issue also occurs with all other status codes like 500 (Internal Server Error). Of course, we have something here.

    First, we need to prevent net 200 and error from returning by fixing the HTTP status code instead. It's pretty simple. In the case of a 404 pageNot Found we can just add this special line to the view:

    <% Response.StatusCode is equal to (int)HttpStatusCode.NotFound; %>

    We need to do this for all views related to (obviously bugs that change the state machine code to match that particular) bug. This includes not only pages you haven't customized, the customErrors element in the Web.But configuration, but also any views you set with ASP.NET .MVC .handleError .points (if ..NET MVC is used). After planning these changes fiddler writes the following performance:


    How to fix Windows crashes

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and select the system you want to scan
  • 3. Click on the Scan button and wait for the process to finish

  • Fix your PC now with this easy-to-use software.

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