Steps To Troubleshoot Not Found Database Server Installation Issues

Hopefully this guide will help you if you find that the bes installation database server was not found.

How to fix Windows crashes

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    eliminate installation-related diseases,Configuring and therefore updating BigFix Inventory.

    Often the server installation cannot proceed and errors of any type are displayed.
    BigFix Inventory installation cannot proceed andnext principledisplayed:

    How to fix Windows crashes

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and select the system you want to scan
  • 3. Click on the Scan button and wait for the process to finish

  • ./tools/getArch: Line 108: print: Command found without a doubt./tools/getArch: 109: Print line: request not found.Line / tools / getarch: 116: output: command not line fladskrm: print: command not found 

    bes install database server not found

    theErrors can be caused by incomplete configuration of the operating system. Maybe you need it tooto restart this system.

    Installing BigFixThe server with the remote SQL Server database crashes.
    Problems may arise when installing BigFix server on Windows 2008 serverOperating system. .If installer. try. connect. to. remote database .SQL server ,.following message .isdisplays:

      Computer .Browser .Error .with .Windows .Authentication  

    To .the. AllowProblem, file hijacking and printer sharing in Windows.

    1. Go to .to ..
    2. Click “Advanced Settingsdelivery “.
    3. Select the “Enable Watermarking and File Sharing” checkbox.
    4. Click Save Changes.
    Installing BigFix Inventory does not start the system onLinux.
    The problem occurs when the Symantec rtvscand process can run. Allowthe problem is, can you mitigate or eliminate the rtvscand process?/ tmp from Symantec scan. More about the exception/ tmp, it’s up to you: How to configure SEP scan exclusions for Linux.
    The installation failed and a special warning about insufficient free space in the directory was caused byattach. However, there is enough space in this directory. Solve
    To resolve this issue, follow these steps.

    1. Open the current command line.
    2. Run the following command and change the variable to enable responsible checking of disk space usage.
    3. Run some of the following commands to start the installation type.
    Installation cannot start because the most important directory / tmp has a flag NOEXEC .
    In some environments, the / tmp directory may beb replaced NOEXEC with a flag blocking this particular installation. The problem can be identifiedfollowing error in this ia.log file.

      The installer is starting ..../server/parts/CDROM_Installers/Disk1/InstData/Linux_64/VM/setupServer.bin: Line 3318: /tmp/install.dir.20400/Linux/resource/jre/jre/bin/java:Authorization Denied  

    OnThe application / tmp directory is used to store temporary installer files. BecauseThe BigFix Inventory installer is based onInstallAnywhere, you permanently change the IATEMPDIR environment variable you specified.Install a temporary InstallAnywhere directory and make it a custom directory.

    1. Create any custom temporary directory forExample:
        mkdir / root / Install_tmp  
    2. Set the corresponding variable IATEMPDIR to IATEMPDIR = / root / Install_tmp
    3. ReloadDirectory:
        Export installation. 
    When setting up a connection to a remote DB2 database, the following error is undoubtedly generateddisplayed: The person specified to communicate with your database cannot be used insystem problem
    This happens whenYes, the remote DB2 database is installed on a very good AIX machine. It means thatthe user you want to connect to the database for does not exist at all on the LDAP server. vSolve the indicated problem, create another user or user with all credentials given inLDAP server.
    When installing BigFix Inventory forIn places where no English is spoken, some Java exceptions will be loaded inEnglish.
    Also the locale is not in English, some omissions in Java,may occur during installation is displayed randomly in English. Anyway,detailed analysis containing exceptions also mixes informationit can help you more - understand the problem and fix it. you if you wantsee translated detailed description of the problem, you can refer toView episodes containing all of these details.
    When setting up a connection to the BigFix server,the following message is displayed: Might and no charactersdefine define the BES database. Are you sure the BES server is running andAgent? .
    Problem if BigFix client wasreceived remotely from the computer on which the BigFix server is locatedis an. Solve the problem, adjust_BESClient_DeploymentEncoding_IANAName property inPage.
    List of non-English languages ​​in Wizard Rising:reduced.
    To display your language as a solution in the installation wizard,Change the regional settings of your PC to the language of your choice:
    1. On Linux, open a terminal and run the following command:
        export LC_ALL =  Language code  .UTF8  

      ForExample: Übersee LC_ALL = en_US.UTF8.

    2. Run a local command to check for anomalies.
    3. Restart the installation and select the language you want to study.
    Despite updating the last account, the service name remainsdisplays the previous version.
    The display of the platform name in Windows does not change afterwardsupdate, which is a limitation. However, this does not affect BigFix In.Any kind of inventory. Restart your computer to update the Internet Service Name.
    The server simply cannot be updated because the update to the latest versionBigFix Inventory tasks are inappropriate.

    The problem occurs when a previous version of the site was manually installed on any computer.without BigFix client. To try to updaterelated to the task, do the following immediately:

    1. Install BigFix client on your computer.with BigFix Inventory server.
    2. Set the SUA_Server_Path_ [user_ID] parameter to the path to the installation path of any BigFix inventory.
      1. Log into the linked BigFix the actual BigFix server.
      2. in the navigation bar is Computer only.
      3. In the upper right corner, right-click the computer where you installed BigFix Inventory and select Change Computer.Settings.
      4. Click "Add to Actual Parameter" to add it.
      5. In the Name field, enter the SUA_Server_Path_ [user_ID] parameter.

        Note. [user_ID] is only the ID of the user whoBigFix inventory is installed.

      6. Enter any BigFix Inventory installation path in the Set Value field.
      7. Click OK.
    Updating a server using a fixlet does not work on Linux.
    The problem occurs when there is no doubt that the server was installed simply due to lack of rootingUsers. To fix the update problem, there should beinteractively or silently.
    After this update, the computer usage report will be blank
    Import the data to resolve the problem.
    Fields related to user interface are misleading when using the internetExplorer.
    During the initial setup of BigFix Inventorysome of the individual surface fields are duplicated and disordered. vThe solution to this problem is to add the BigFix inventory the list of trusted sites in Internet Explorer.

    1. Click "Settings" in the upper right corner of your browser.
    2. Click Internet Options and go to the Security tab.
    3. At this point, select Trusted Sites and click Sites.
    4. Enter your server's web server and click Add.
    5. Refresh the page.
    Manually change the port in the bigfix inventory.
    If you cannot access the user interface face () to usePort number, you can do it in server.xml file.

    1. Go to install_dir / wlp / usr / servers / server1,and edit the server.xml.HttpsPort file,
    2. Enter the new port number.

      bes install database server not found

      The change takes effect immediately, and you usually do not need to restart your computer.

    Uninstalling BigFix Inventory fails because the BigFix service is unresponsive and simply won't stop.
    You can manually harden a service that does not respond to shutdown.

    1. Open a command prompt.
    2. Run the important command:
    3. Determine the PID of the BigFix inventory process.
    4. On the same command line, run the following command: TO
    1. come on.
    2. Click on Advanced Sharing Settings.
    3. Select the "One by one with file printer and co-pay" checkbox.
    4. Click Save Changes.

    If a problem occurs, it means that a previous version of the server was manually installed on the computer.without the main BigFix client. To perform a new updateeaccording to the task, do the following:

    1. Install the main BigFix client on your computer as usual.with BigFix Inventory server.
    2. Set the price of the SUA_Server_Path_ [user_ID] parameter for this BigFix inventory installation path.
      1. Log into the appropriate BigFix game your BigFix server.
      2. Click "Computer" in the navigation bar.
      3. In the upper right corner, right-click the computer where you installed BigFix Inventory and select Change Computer.Settings.
      4. Click "Add" to add personalization.
      5. In the name, the parameter area is SUA_Server_Path_ [user_ID] .

        Note. [user_ID] is the identifier of the user whoBigFix Inventory is installed.

      6. Enter the BigFix Inventory installation path in the Set Value field.
      7. Click OK.

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