configure master-slave in BIOS for two hard drives

Installing an additional hard drive should free up more space on your trusted computer. It is also a good file backup solution. After purchasing an additional hard drive, you must change your computer’s BIOS (Basic Input / Output System) settings directly to Master / Slave.


How do I configure a master and slave hard drive?

Will reboote computer.When prompted for the correct password, enter it and press Enter.Navigate to CMOS Configuration and press Enter.In the CMOS menu, find “Hard Drive” and then select “Primary Master”.Move this cursor to the Primary Slave alternatives and press Enter again.Change the step.

  1. Restart


    computer. Pay close attention to the boot welcome screen to display the required critical item and click to cancel the boot process. Depending on your computer model, this will probably be “Uninstall” andwhether “F2”. Click a few times in front of this operating system, etc. (Window is activated. If you see the system posting a job posting, you missed the opportunity. You must reboot the computer workstation. If you do better, you will see the BIOS setup screen. < / p>

  2. 2

    If a password is required, go to the site and press Enter.

  3. 3

    Positively go to “CMOS Setup” and press “Enter.” The first BIOS screen displayed is usually the primary or important screen.

  4. 4

    in the CMOS menu go to Hard Disk, then to a kind of Primary Wizard. 5

    < p> Move

  5. the cursor over the entire Primary Slave selection and press Enter again. Your procedure repeats the process incredibly exactly as for the second disk, but makes it subordinate.

  6. Edit step


    Press F10 to protect changes. Close the setup program. The computer will restart. If not, restart it manually. Let your computer boot normally, and you’ll make sure you need all your disks and (C, D, E, F …).