Easy Way To Fix XP Blue Screen Startup Problems

Here are some easy ways that can help you fix XP blue screen startup problem. TV blue screen error code “0x00000050” (PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA) can be caused by data corruption on the hard disk, incompatibility of video card drivers installed due to Windows XP, or other reasons.

This article is for Microsoft Windows XP.
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  1. What is a blue screen error?
  2. Eliminate common blue screen error messages
    1. 0x000000ED combined with 0x0000007B
    2. 0x00000024
    3. 0x0000007E and 0x00000008E
    4. 0x00000050
    5. 0x000000D1
    6. 0xC0000218
    7. 0x000000EA
  3. Using the new Windows debugger
  4. Reset operating system to factory settings

This article describes what blue screen errors are, why they occur, strategies for detecting them, and How to fix some of the most common error messages.

Topic 1. What Is A Blue Screen Error?

How do I fix blue screen on startup?

Click on the “Advanced Startup” option.Click on the Troubleshoot option.Click the Advanced Configurations button.Click a system recovery plan.Select your account.Confirm your username and password.Click the Next button.Click the Next button.

blue screen startup xp

When Windows detects certain problems, it pauses and the resulting insights are displayed in white terminology and blue screen text. Apparently my terms “blue screen” or “blue screen” also originated from these errors.

  • Windows encounters this error that cannot be corrected without deleting the data.
  • Windows recognizes that critical operating system data can be corrupted.
  • Windows detects that the PC has crashed irrevocably.
  • The exact text has changed over the years, from the dense information wall of Windows NT 4.0 to the somewhat sparse messages used in modern versions of Windows. (Figure 1)

Topic 2. Troubleshooting Common Blue Screen Error Messages


These two errors have similar causes, and the same troubleshooting steps apply to both types.malfunction. These stop codes always appear during the startup process. When you come across any of these stop codes, you will see the following happen:

2 The system has loaded NTLDR and transferred control of its loading to NTOSKRNL (kernel).

How do I fix a blue screen permanently?

From any Select an Option screen, select Troubleshoot.Click more options.Click System Restore.After restarting your computer, select a factor and enter the system the topic.Click Next.Typically, system restore problems are created automatically when you install a new update, new driver, and / or new application.

3 NTOSKRNL are confused. Either it cannot find the rest on its own, or it cannot read how the filesystem is stored in the location where it thinks it is.
With this process error resolved, your job is to figure out why the Windows kernel was confused and the reason to clear the confusion.
Things to check :

  • Configuring SATA management in the system BIOS. If a specific SATA controller switches from ATA mode to AHCI mode (or vice versa), Windows cannot easily interact with the SATA game controller at this point, as different modes require specific drivers. Try to switch the SATA approach controller in the BIOS.
  • RAID Settings You can get an idea by experimenting with the RAID controller settings. Try changing certain RAID settings back to Autodetect (usually accurate y).
  • Incorrect or incorrectly routed cables. Try reconnecting the data cable that connects the drive to the country controller at both ends.
  • Hard disk failure. Run the built-in diagnostics on the hard drive. Remember: Code 7 indicates a recoverable corruption, not a data error on the disk.
  • File system corruption, not to mention running chkdsk / f / r, boot Recovery Xbox from Windows installation CD.
  • Poorly designed BOOT.INI (Windows XP). If you are extending accidentally deleted or modified files, or using this boot.ini file, you can simply get the stop code for 0x7b from the boot solution. Launch Recovery Console from Windows Installation CD and run BOOTCFG / REBUILD


This departure from normal code indicates that the NTFS imaging system driver encountered a situation that the game was unable to handle and is still caused by three reasons:

  • Data corruption on hard disk.
  • In-memory data file corruption error.
  • There is not enough storage space on the device (this usually only happens on heavily loaded servers).

Can BIOS cause blue screen?

Update your BIOS. In some situations, an outdated BIOS can cause a Blue Screen of Death due to certain incompatibilities. A helpful troubleshooting step in quiet situations, including BSOD issues, is to start the computer directly on the lowest hardware required for the system to run. 4 days ago

1 Reinsert the memory to avoid damaging all data cables in the drive due to improperly or improperly installed hardware.

blue screen startup xp

2 Run full diagnostics and mass storage. Quick tests are not enough here. You must run system-wide diagnostics.

3 If all diagnostics are successful, run a full configuration file scan in the Recovery Console (chkdsk / f / r) to identify and (optionally) repair corrupted data.

Why am I stuck on a blue screen?

Blue screens are usually caused by problems with your PC’s hardware, or issues with similar hardware driver software. Sometimes they must necessarily be caused by problems with low-level software running in the Windows kernel. Regular applications usually cannot cause blue screens.

5 If this does not solve the problem, you replace the hard drive.

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