You Have A Problem With Windows 8 Boot Device Error

This guide will help you if you are facing boot device error in Windows 8.

How to fix Windows crashes

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    Information About “Restart And Select The Correct Boot Device” In Windows 8

    How do I fix Windows 8 boot device not found?

    In someone’s BIOS setup utility navigate to Boot. Now press the “↑ ↓” keys to change the bootable hard drive as the exact first boot device. Then press and hold F10 to save your changes and restart your computer. This time the system tries to boot from the correct hard drive, which can mostly fix the “No Boot Device Found” error.

    For Users “Restart and select the correct boot “Boot device” is a valid error. Typically, you will see the following error message when your current BIOS cannot find the boot pendulum or recognize the drive that your company’s operating system is installed on. Sometimes it freezes on your computer and interferes normal keyboard operation In many cases, even if you restart your laptop, the message will still appear and Windows will not start either.

    To help you solve this problem, we will show you the causes of this error and effective solutions.

    Why Am I Getting A “restart And Select Correct Boot Device” Message On My Computer?

    â € ¢ The boot disk is usually not properly connected or the accessible disk is damaged or out of order.

    â € ¢ Secure HDD connected with problematic cable, SATA slot damaged, BIOS not recognizing things.

    â € ¢ The partition that stores the Windows boot probably consists of files that were not set as active, after which Windows will no longer boot.

    How To Fix “reboot And Selectp Correct Boot Device “in Windows?

    Since there are so many things that can lead to such a real error in Windows 10/8/7, finding the exact cause and often taking appropriate action will be a challenge for most users. Fortunately, in the additional part, we have different solutions for each possible cause, so sometimes you can try them one by one until the error is finally fixed on Windows.

  • 1. Make sure the BIOS detects a successful hard drive boot

  • 2. Change the order of trainers

  • 3. Reset main section as active

  • 4. Repair damaged MBR

  • 5. Fix corrupted boot presentation from command line

  • How do I fix boot device failure?

    Reboot your computer.Open BIOS.Go to the Download tab.Change the Hard Drive Positioning option as well as the first option.Save these types of settings.Reboot your computer.

    6. Replace defective CMOS battery

  • 1 Name = “H2-1″>. Make Sure The BIOS Has Successfully Recognized The Boot

    boot device error windows 8

    First of all, you need to check if the BIOS boot disk is diagnosed. Restart your computer completely and press F2, Del and any other key required to enter BIOS before Windows boots. Then insert an arrow key to navigateGo to the “General” tab, where you can see all the disks detected by the BIOS.

    If the boot drive is not listed here, you will need to shut down your computer by reconnecting it to a different collection or SATA location. If the boot disk is still not face up, the boot disk has been permanently damaged or defective. Please replace it with a new specific one to see if the issue is resolved.

    However, if the boot disk already exists, it means that the entire BIOS has successfully recognized it. So the error “Reboot and select the correct boot device” must be caused by a logical reason, go back to the following technical methods.

    2. Change The Boot Order

    If the specific drive loaded by Management Console is not set as the first boot device, you will encounter a boot error. If so, change the boot order and set your hard drive as your primary boot device.

    1) Press the power button and press and hold the desired key y to enter BIOS.

    2) Press the arrow pointing to a key on your keyboard to go to the Boot tab and change the boot form settings so that the bootable CD is displayed first.

    3) Follow the instructions in the BIOS utility to open the Exit.Locate tab

    How to fix Windows crashes

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and select the system you want to scan
  • 3. Click on the Scan button and wait for the process to finish

  • 4) and select the Exit save changes option to save the changes.

    3. Reset Main Partition As Active

    How do I fix Windows 8.1 Reboot and select proper boot device?

    Reboot your computer.Press the inevitable key to open the BIOS menu. This key depends on the make and model of your computer.Go to this start tab.Change the boot order, but specify your computer’s hard drive first.We save our settings.Reboot your computer.

    To avoid running “Restart Selection and Correct Boot Device” in Windows 10/8/7, you can also try resetting the primary partition, mainly because it is active.

    First of all, paste the Windows Hiburan installation and start the computer from which then click Command Prompt under System Recovery Options and / or Troubleshoot if necessary, finally Dog Breed execute the commands one by one so press Enter after each: diskpart -> Special hard disk 0 -> define partition 1 -> active. Select the type of partition number to download.

    4. Repair Damaged MBR

    boot device error windows 8

    If MBR is damageden, I can see a black section in my windows and ask you to insert shutdown support. In this situation, you can try to restore the MBR. To do this positively on Windows 10/8/7, you may only need third-party software. AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is exactly what you are probably looking forward to. It can really help you repair corrupted MBR without malicious Windows installation CD.

    Before you do this: Connect a blank disk (over 8GB) to a working computer, download, install and usually run the free USB bootable media creation software by clicking Create Bootable Media in the box on the left. (Note: The USB stick is bootable, it definitely has the AOMEI Partition Wizard installed.)

    1) Insert a bootable USB stick into a workstation with the “Reboot it and select the correct boot device” problem. Boot it from a USB stick by changing the boot search in BIOS.

    2) You will see the downloaded AOMEI section as soon as the wizard connects. Right clickClick on the system drive and select Rebuild MBR.

    3) Choose the correct MBR form for the current operating system that you are using without a doubt.

    4) Go back to the main user interface, click Apply -> Continue to start MBR recovery.

    So the MBR is completely outdated. Moreover, this versatile PC can also help you monetize bad sectors on your hard drive.

    Fix your PC now with this easy-to-use software.

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