Correct The Name Of The Control Panel File

This article is written to help you when you receive a control panel filename error.

Each control panel accessory is identified with an icon. cpl in the main Windows System folder. File. ! … ! cpl in the Windows System folder are automatically loaded when you start Control Panel.

To run the Control Panel package in Windows, enter the appropriate command in the Open box, or search for it at the command prompt. If

control panel file name

Note. If you want to run a command from the command line, you must do it from the Windows folder. Also note that your computer may not support all of the tools listed here in this article because your Windows installation may not include all of these components.

Flexible Solar Panel Management Tool
——————————— —– – ———- ——————————— —– – < accessibility settings track access.cpl
Add new sysdm.cpl hardware control add awesome hardware
Add / remove appwiz control. cpl
Timedate.cpl Managing the date / time property
Desk. Cpl control display properties
FindFast dominates findfast.cpl
Font folder Control fonts
Internet properties control inetcpl .cpl
Joystick control properties joy.cpl
Keyboard properties control the keyboard main.cpl < br> Element Microsoft Exchange Control mlcfg32.cpl
(or Windows Messaging)
Minimize Microsoft Mail Post Office wgpocpl.cpl
Modem Control Properties modem.cpl
Mouse Control Properties main.cpl
Multimedia Pro Delete properties mmsys .cpl
Network properties water power netcpl.cpl
NOTE. On Windows NT 4.0 Netzw Property Erk
Ncpa.cpl rather than checking Netcpl.cpl password properties
a. cpl
PC card management main.cpl some computer card (pcmcia)
power management (Windows 95) power management main.cpl
power management (Windows 98) powercfg.cpl management
printer folder printer restriction
Intl.cpl regional settings under control
Scanners and cameras are compressed sticpl.cpl
Setting sound properties mmsys.cpl sounds
Control system properties sysdm.cpl
Sound: scanners and cameras applet (sticpl .cpl) to be able to run Windows Millennium. It has been replaced by the What Scanners and Cameras folder, which is shared by folders such as Printers and Dial-up Networking.

Where is Control Panel file located?

By default, Windows saves the Control Panel EXE file in the C: Windows System32 folder. To do this, start the file manager and run the course in C: Windows System32. Find “control.exe” in our long list – you can click in the right pane and enter the full name to navigate to it. DvDouble-click the shortcut to open the control panel.

Windows replaces the desired tool handle with launch for% 1%. For example:

What is the file path for Control Panel Windows 10?

Windows> System32 and browse the list of folders and files until you come to a data file named “Control” (it has one small icon representing the Control Panel). b) Right-click the file named “Control”, select “Send” from the drop-down menu and click “Desktop (create shortcut)”.

“rundll32.exe shell32.dll, Control_RunDLL appwiz.cpl”.
To launch the User Tool from Control Panel, type control Ncpa.Users, cpl and press ENTER.

To press instrSee Get Users for Windows 95/98 / Me as “inetcpl.cpl Custom Control” (no wisdom or flags), press Enter.

What is .CPL file?

The CPL file is a “system” file. It is used by the Windows operating system. These files are binaries that are opened using the Control Panel in the Microsoft Windows operating system and are even used to view and open the tools available in the Control Panel such as mouse, monitors, network, etc.

Nom De Fichier Du Panneau De Commande
Nome File Del Pannello Di Controllo
제어판 파일 이름
Nombre De Archivo Del Panel De Control
Kontrollpanelens Filnamn
Nazwa Pliku Panelu Sterowania
Nome Do Arquivo Do Painel De Controle
Dateiname Der Systemsteuerung
Bestandsnaam Configuratiescherm
Imya Fajla Paneli Upravleniya