Fixed: How To Fix Data Errors In Outlook 2007 Cyclic Redundancy Check.

Over the past few days, some readers have reported data errors in the Outlook 2007 Cyclic Redundancy Check. A circular redundancy check is a data error that occurs whenever Outlook has a serious problem downloading recently found emails to the local computer. Factors causing CRC errors in Outlook, be it a corrupted PST file or a change in location on your hard drive.

Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) dilemmas indicate errors in a specific file and in many cases pertain to your hard drive.

There is no problem with Outlook itself, but there is still a problem with the location of the personal PST file on the hard drive.

If this happens after the client has just copied the pst file (to floppy, from the network, from CD, via download), you should first check which original source is still working and then try to copy it again … If it “happened all of a sudden,” as everything worked without moving yesterday, the problem could most likely be in the software or hardware.

Problems With Software Hard Disk

If the problem is with the software, you can usually start it byby running chkdsk (CheckDisk).

  1. Open a fantastic command session with elevated privileges. For example, through;
    • Right-click the Main Window tab and select; Windows PowerShell (Administrator)
    • Often open the Start menu and type Windows; PowerShell.
      Click the result with the right mouse button and select “Continue”; Run as administrator. Type
  2. in a date command; chkdsk c: / f
    • Replace “c:” with the letter of the drive where the pst file is located.

If it tells your company that it cannot scan right now, I would say hard drive and ask if you want to scan hard drive with restart, select Yes (Y) and change computer.


The chkdsk command is definitely like a first aid kit for hard drive problems. You

data error cyclic redundancy check outlook 2007

When you’re done, drag scanpst.exe to your pst file if fixed.

Hardware CD Problem

If the problem is hardware related, you will likely find disk scan errors in the system symbol of your Event Viewer. Presently ;

  • Right-click the Windows Start button and select; Viewer
  • start-> type of activity; Event Viewer

Unless you have a very old hard drive and / or motherboard, they will most likely become S.M.A.R.T. If so, you can configure a utility to monitor the health of your hard drives.

I use SpeedFan a lot for this because it’s free and it also monitors your system’s temperature and hence fan speed (wow, where does that name come from?). However, many motherboard and hard drive manufacturers also have their own tools to check for hard drive degradation.

< tr>

< th> Levelwrite errors
Error Value Fix
UltraATA CRC error rate If it is really bad read, it means more errors try replacing the cable
Read Error Rate Low values ​​indicate something is wrong with disk surface or all head usage Replace disk
Low values ​​mean something is wrong with the surface of the disc or the actual heads Replace the disc
Attempts recalibration Low values ​​mean the experts are asking for something to do with head preparation Replace washer
Number of re-rotation attempts Low values ​​mean that the disk cannot spin disks on the first try to the top level , which is defined by Replace Hard Disk

Recovery Software

If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot solve the problem in the indicated ways (because there are real crimes on the hard disk) or whenever you do, our own pst file that can no longer be opened against each other or via scanpst.exe, then you can try to repair or keep recoverable items using a third-party recovery tool such as DataNumen Outlook Repair.

If you decide to order, please use DNC-PUXB-HT to get a discount.

Errors related errorsdata (cyclic redundancy check) can occur in Outlook if it also downloads new emails to the local notebook. It is almost messed up that Outlook starts up. We will not cover how to fix this in this article.

As a rule, potential buyers face such errors. But before restoring the PST file, you and your family should check if the hard disk error is causing the data file corruption. There is a free Windows utility that you can run from the command line. You can follow my instructions below.

Run A Disk Check For Data Errors

  1. First, open the Start menu and select cmd in the search box.
  2. An identical program is then displayed. Click on it to open the command line.
  3. You must enter a drive name: “chkdsk / f”, then press “Enter”.

data error cyclic redundancy check outlook 2007

Note. If you receive an “Access Denied” error, then you do not have sufficient rights for your role. You must call the usedNot in high mode.

This means that you need to run cmd as administrator. Optionally, you should go back to the start menu and enter the search field “cmd”. And then just right click on the displayed program and “Run as administrator”.

  1. Then type “chkdsk diskname: / f” and also press “Enter”. There are excellent creators who will analyze the disc right away. You can wait for the test results for a short time.
  2. After completing the CHKDSK, customers must not only restart Outlook but also close the Command Prompt. If a data error (CRC) related error persists, a corrupted PST file is often to blame. Hence, you should go to the market to recover the PST file.

Recover PST File With Outlook Inbox Repair Tool

Because the list of personal folders makes various malicious ideas vulnerable, Microsoft has developedThere is a built-in fix tool called Scanpst.exe.

  1. Initially, a person can simply access it by searching for “scanpst” in Windows Explorer. /wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Apply-Outlook-Inbox-Repair-Tool-–-ScanPST-300×251.jpg 300w “src =” data: image / svg + xml,% 3Csvg% 20xmlns = ‘http: / /’%20viewBox=’0%200%20363% 20304 ‘% 3E% 3C / svg% 3E “>
  2. Then after searching and running, click Browse to change the search for the PST file and therefore Start to scan the file.
  3. Finally, on any of the screens below, you may not always save or save the file. And click the “Fix” button to prepare for errors.

Use A More Convincing Repair Tool

While Scanpst.exe is free and convenient, it is not sufficient to successfully recover a severely damaged PST document. It cannot check if there is any error in the PST file at this point, let alone fix it. So when the inbox repair tool stops working, you will definitely need a better one a maintenance tool such as DataNumen Outlook Repair. It can easily analyze and minimize problematic data in no time.

Author’s Presentation:

Shirley Zhang is a professional data recovery expert at Inc. datanumen, a leading global provider of data recovery technologies, including recovery tools for SQL and Outlook software. More information is available at

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