How To Troubleshoot Problems Downloading Crystal Reports Basic Runtime For Visual Studio 2010


Here are some easy steps to fix the problem loading the Crystal Reports Basic Runtime for Visual Studio 2010.



This tutorial shows you how to download and configure your web server Before running Crystal Report. SAP Crystal Report is a specialized reporting tool used for creating reports in web and IT environments. The name of the Sap Crystal Report is often changed several times, and the actual version is called Crystal sap Reports, the developer version for Microsoft Visual Studio. The last known name for some products was SAP Crystal Reports Visual for Studio 2010. You can download the Crystal Report Runtime hyperlink to make it easier for you and skip the introduction.

Generate Crystal Report

How do I download and install Crystal Reports in Visual Studio 2010?

Click Solution Explorer -> Right-click the version name and select Crystal Reports.Name the problem as you see fit and click the “Add” button.After pressing the Mix button a.He looks for the type of report as well as the way to create it.

We don’t have many tutorials that walk you step by step through the process of creating a report using ASP C #, .NET, and ASP.NET MVC.

  1. Generating Crystal Reports with Visual To Studio
  2. Generating Crystal Reports in ASP.NET Web Forms
  3. Generating Crystal Reports with ASP.NET MVC Reports

What Is The Crystal Report Runtime

When you register with Crystal Report to install the Crystal Reports application, you will need to install the Crystal Reports engine on the target sewing machine (client machine). The Crystal Report Runtime (Crystal Reports Redistributable) has functions and libraries that must be presentrun on the target PC without examining the reports.


Use the latest version because it contains fixes, security alert updates, and so on. The following table contains links to all versions of all Crystal Reports.

  • Download Crystal Reports for Visual Studio
  • Install Crystal Reports for Studio

How To Install The Crystal Report Runtime

Successfully log in to your computer with administrator rights, but follow the instructions below

Select the appropriate version of the report, i.e. H. or 64-bit 32-bit, depending on your individual application. Download the runtime from the link above and successfully save it to a folder on your hard drive. Extract the content.

Double click each .msi file and this is my CRRuntime_64bit_13_0_14.msi argument

Click “I accept the license agreement” and click “Continue”.

If the previous run style is installed on your computer, a warning will appear. If you continue, the installer will usually update to a previous version, which can be updated with the newer version.

Get StartedInstallation is complete and it doesn’t take long. At the end, you will see the following screen: Will

This will result in an error in the installation of the runtime. Is it now possible to submit a Crystal report form without problems?

How To Integrate The Runtime Into Your Application Configuration

You can include the Crystal reporting runtime in your trusted application installation project. To do this, most of you will need to download the Merge Module (MSM).

The merge module is just a Windows installation package, but it cannot be attached separately. It can be integrated into your Visual your Studio development project and create a single assembly file containing both your function and the Crystal Report runtime. Then you will certainly be able to distribute the installation of one application. You do not need to download and install Crystal Review Runtime separately on the client computer

You should read the article on how to integrate the merge module (MSM) into your custom installation project at the following link. Using Crystal Reports-Merge-MSM Modules to Create an Installation Project

Crystal Report Runtime Setup Screen
crystal license agreement
Warning about previous installation
Start Screen
Installation complete

In this article, I explain how to download and install Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010.

When you try to add Crystal Reports to Visual Studio, your project appears with a usage screen, which is an MHT music file, which means you have not configured Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010.

This is informational content intended to help users identify mCrystal Reports locations for Visual Studio 2010.

Steps to Free Download Crystal Report for Visual Studio 2010

2. Then someone has to press the Download Now softkey.

3. As soon as you need to click the button, an implementation popup will appear where you need to either register or if you already have an account with the company SAP, log in.

download crystal reports basic runtime for visual studio 2010

4. Once the above steps are complete, you can already download the Crystal Report for Visual Studio. 2010

5. Click the first link and download the Crystal Report as Visual Studio. 10 starts up.

Correct selection of loaded Crystal Reports as for Visual Studio Open the 2010 file and click Open .Size = “2”>


WinRAR self-extracting archive file can extract its contents first and installation will begin.

download crystal reports basic runtime for visual studio 2010

Once configured, you will find Crystal Reports in the Visual Studio toolbar. 2010

Note. Crystal Report does not work with Visual Studio Express editions.

Note. Make sure all versions of Visual Studio installed on your system are not included during installation.



How do I download Crystal Report runtime?

How to install the Crystal Report runtime. Select the appropriate version of the report; H. 64-bit or 32-bit, depending on the application. Download the runtime as shown in the link above and save it to a folder on your hard drive. Extract the content.

How do I download Crystal Reports in Visual Studio?

Then you need to click the download button for the software for you.Once you click on the button, the following popup will appear where you must either register or, if you already have a savings account with SAP, you must be logged in.




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