The Best Way To Fix A Simple Parking Lot Cleaning

Last week, some of our users ran into a simple parking space cleaning error. This problem occurs due to several factors. Let’s discuss this below.

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I’m going to show you how to make money collecting trash from my friend Brian Vinch, whoThe second earns over $ 650,000 a year. YES, my partner and I are talking REALLY $ 650,000 a year and working 4.5 hours a day.

This job does not require any special skills, knowledge, or much else for you to be able to make money.

easy parking lot cleanup

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The idea is to help you make more money so you can pay off your debts, increase your income and live and live without financial dependence.

The advantage of this job is that construction hours do not interfere with normal daytime work. So you can do it from the side and make it as big or as small as possible.

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I interviewed Brian to tell us how he got started and how you probably do too!

How To Start A New Parking Lot Business

How much should I charge to clean a parking lot?

Asphalt and concrete maintenance cost For a property with 1,000 parking spaces, the average cleaning cost is around $ 163. The average cost to hide and clean a home with 800 parking spaces is around $ 83. Parking for 200 spaces costs over $ 79, while parking for 25 spaces costs an average of $ 77.

Could you please a little How to tell us about how you started your car park removal business?

I’ve always had a full-time job where I decided I wanted to work myself. The problem I faced was the lack of money, education and skills to start a certain business. My father (who died a few months ago at the age of 61) always had additional income in addition to what he originally had as a school cleaner.

He cut off the play surface, shook up the snow, and cleared the outside to litter the nearest mall. I came back with him quickly or twice to clean the kittens. I couldn’t access his upgraded lenses or knowledge, so I decided to check out the scrap cleaning market myself.

How do I start a parking lot cleaning business?

Apply for a business license from your local court.Contact the tax office.Apply for funding to pay for the product and promote your street cleaning business.If necessary, start your business with just one cheaper alternative.Build a strong user base.

I called the management companies to see if they were serious about this service and my last or fourth potential client got interested and gave me 3 objects after submitting my bids.

Thanks to these early features, I’ve learned a lot: how to calculate prices, when to service best, which tools are best usedCalling what products, customers, etc. I left the office for a few months and later devoted all my efforts to building my entire business. I owe it all so that my dad can give you an idea of ​​simple crowded doors.

Who Are Your Customers For Parking Lotting Company?

easy parking lot cleanup

Commercial real estate management company. You have no doubt been hired by the landlords to manage commercial properties and use me to keep the parking lot clean of rubbish.

Why Do Companies Need Your Services If There Are Machines That Can Do It?

There is virtually no need for energy equipment such as a sweeper or a dedicated vacuum cleaner as people around the world do not sweep dirt, sand or fine materials.

Garbage collection in parking lots is, first of all, a daily service in which garbage is removed from the entire territory – from parking, sidewalks to landscape. Use simple hand tools to provide customers with a more cost-effective online system that saves them money while maintaining cleanliness and the absence of debris.

How Much Do You Earn From Garbage Collection From Parking Lots?

I have grown my business to about $ 650,000 per year, supporting about 150 commercial properties. I have about 17 voice services for real estate worth about $ 60,000 a year.

How Many Hours Per Week Do You Work?

I work 4.5 hours on another cleaning day when shops are closed. My schedule is Monday through Friday, from 1:00 am to 7:30 am and therefore about an hour during which cleaning takes place.

How Much Do You Charge For Such A Service?

Do You Need Special Equipment For The Job?

No, you really only need a brush and garbage bags. A special shovel can be found above your local cleaning supplies store for under $ 50.

What Advice Would You Give To Men And Women Starting Their Own Business?

Continue. Take a look at all the commercial properties in your area. Shopping centers for offices, apartments, warehouses. All of them are potential loan agreements. Most property managers don’t want you to do it yourself Or “dirty work”. But you and you, they will pay you well if you do. Month after month. A year at once a year.

Brian is confident that in 2010, as a sole proprietor with a very simple business plan, you will earn between $ 50,000 and $ 100,000.

So where do people start? Brian wrote an instruction manual (step by step guide) on how to start and run a parking lot garbage collection business, mostly for $ 79.95, and do you know what that price is like? Phone / email support with Brian Winch to help grow this business!