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    . . . .Error “You Have Closed A Disk That Is Incompatible With The Software: FAT32 File System” (Kaspersky) 0 (0)

    Installation from a Kaspersky Lab application may fail if the drive you select uses an incompatible FAT32 database system. NTFS c. See […]

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    . . . .NET Error During Framework Installation Of Kaspersky Application Three (0)

    If you encounter an error while installing the kaspersky .NET Framework application, follow the steps described in the following sections: Download and run the Microsoft .Framework, net repair Microsoft .NET Framework Troubleshooter. Follow the instructions of each installation wizard then restart your computer. to try to install the kaspersky tool again. If the Microsoft .NET Framework […]

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    . . . .Error “You Do Not Have Sufficient Rights To Perform This Operation. (Kaspersky)” 4 (0)


    If you receive the error “You obviously do not have sufficient rights to perform this operation” when you setIf you are installing a Kaspersky Lab application, this means that your user account does not have local administrator access rights. Workaround Log on as a new local administrator to access all installation tasks and files on this type of computer. […]

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    . . . “Installation Errors In Judgment Files Not Signed” 1 (kaspersky) (0)

    error 1316.a kaspersky

    An error message “Installation files are not signed” may appear during Kaspersky Query installation. This error can be caused by certain malware that adds certificates related to the protection of the solution to the Untrusted Certificates folder. This prevents anti-virus programs from being used. Follow these steps To solve a problem. Step 1: Remove […]

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    Fel 1316 A Kaspersky
    Oshibka 1316 A Kasperskij
    Errore 1316 A Kaspersky
    Fehler 1316 A Kaspersky
    Error 1316 A Kaspersky
    Erreur 1316 A Kaspersky
    Blad 1316 A Kaspersky