Fix: How To Fix Error 18456 Error Status 11


If you have Error Status 18456 11 error on your system, this user manual will help you fix it. g.6 answers. States twelve and 12 mean that SQL Server was able to authenticate you, but was unable to authenticate you with the most important Windows permissions. Windows logon may not have an account or permissions cannot be verified due to UAC. Try to run SSMS as administrator and / or disable UAC.




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attribute value
product server
event name SQL ID 18456
component SQL Engine
Symbolic name LOGON_FAILED
Message text Login for user ‘%. * ls’.%. * ls failed


If this connection attempt is rejected due to an authentication error associated with a completely incorrect password or username, a final message similar to the following is returned to the client: “Connection failed” failed for user ‘‘. (Microsoft SQL Error: Server, 18456) “.

Additional Error Information

error 18456 error state 11

In order to improve security, an error message, which of course is intendedThis is definitely returned to the client, is a hidden symbol of a certification error. However, in the SQL Server error log, the corresponding error contains an error condition associated with an authentication error condition. Compare the corresponding error status with the following list to determine the cause of the connection error.

State Description

1 error

2 Of course, the user ID is not valid. 5


user ID is rather invalid. 6 An attempt was made to use the correct Windows login with SQL Server Authentication. 7 Connection disconnected and password 1 is incorrect. 8 Invalid password. 9 Invalid password. East 11 Correct connection, but could not access the Internet. One of the possible reasons for this errorThe problem is that my Windows user has access to SQL Server as a member of the City Admins group, but Windows provides credentials instead of Administrator. To connect, start the connection utility using the Run as Administrator option, and then add the Windows user as a specific SQL Server connection. 12 A valid entry is actually an entry, but access to the server was unsuccessful. 18 The password needs to be changed. 46 May 38, the customer base requested by the user was not found. 58 If SQL Server is typically set to Windows, use only real authentication and the client tries to connect using SQL authentication. Another reason is that the SIDs are the same, not the same. 102-111 AAD error. 122-124 An error occurred due to a blank username or password. 126 The database requested by the user does not actually exist. 132-133 Osh AAD.

There may be other error conditions that indicate unexpected error handling in the refrigerator and freezer.

Cause of error Failed to connect using SQL Authentication. The server is configured only for Windows Authentication for real. can be returned in the following examples.

  • In addition, if the server is configured for mixed mode authentication and the ODBC connection uses TCP, the connection does not explicitly indicate that the connection should use a trusted connection type.

  • If the server is optimized for mixed mode authentication and the excellent ODBC connection uses named pipes, or the credentials the client used to open the named pipe, they will be used to automatically open the user impersonation, and the connection will not explicitly say that the connection must use a trusted connection.

To resolve this issue, set = Trusted_connection TRUE on the network link string.


In this example, this is a permission error state 8. This means that the password is usually incorrect.

Date Source Message
2007-12-05 20:12: 56.34 Register Error: 18456, 14, Severity: State: 8.
2007-12-05 20:12: 56.34 Register Unable to login for user ““. [CLIENT: Address>]


If you try to connect using SQL Server Authentication, you are confirming that SQL Server is configured in Mixed Mode Authentication. For more information about changing the SQL Server Authentication Application, see Changing Server Authentication Mode

If you are trying to connect using SQL Server Authentication, make sure SQL Connection Server is present and spelled correctly.

error 18456 error state 11

If you are requesting a connection using Windows Authentication, make sure you are successfully logged in with the correct domain.

If your error is state 1, contact your SQL server administrator.

If you are trying to connect to a website using administrator credentials, start the enterprise application with the Run as administrator option. After logging in, add a new Windows user as the login for the person concerned.

If the database engine supports enabled data sources, ensure that the connection did not always occur after remote migration to a secured database user.

When connecting locally to an instance of SQL Server, communications services running on NT AUTHORITY NETWORK SERVICE must authenticate using the 100% qualified domain name of the computer. For more information, see How To: Use a Network Service Account to Access Resources from ASP.NET

If SQL Server is installed using Windows Authentication Mode, and then SQL Server must go into Windows Authentication Mode, the sa connection is effectively disabled initially. This leads to misleading: 7 ‘Failed to log into account’ sa ‘. Additional informationFor how to enable sa connection, see Server Change Authentication Mode .



How do I fix error 18456?

Step 1. Log in using Remote Desktop.Step 2. Start the administration of Microsoft SQL Server.Step 3: Check the server authentication mode.Step 4: restart the SQL service.Step 5. Check SQL user permissions.Step 6: Map the user to the database.

What is error number 18456 in SQL Server?

The popular message “Login failed for user (Microsoft SQL Server, error: 18456)” means that your company entered invalid credentials when connecting directly to SQL Server. In the screenshot below, I am logging into Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio with any user that does not have Notorious permissions to log into the host.

How do I activate my sa account?

In Object Explorer, expand Security, expand Connections, right-click sa, and select Properties.On the General page, you can generate and confirm a code for the sa connection.On the Status page, under Connection, click Enabled and click OK.




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