Steps To Troubleshoot Aix Error Code 0518

You can see an error code pointing to error code 0518 aix. It turns out there are several ways to fix this problem, so we’ll discuss that shortly.

Error code 518 can be caused by the following reasons:
The system cannot migrate the file system from rootvg.
Damaged log volume.
Corrupted or missing / etc / file system.

if not,
1) I would say that the rootvg filesystem is corrupted. Boot into support and
run fsck mode on all system root files. (It looks like you’ve tried this with some filesystems.)

2) Bad disk when rootvg takes up most of the disk. Run diagnostics if you can actually confirm that all hard drives are available and no problems have been reported.

3) Corrupted jfslog – Build jfslog for rootvg

4) Install with a second rootvg hard drive or permanently mirrored rootvg hard drive, which breaks standard boot filesystems.

[“Product”: “Code”: “SWG10”, “Label”: “AIX”, “Business Unit”: “Code”: “BU058”, “Label”: “IBM Infrastructure with / TPS”, “Component “:” File Management “,” Platform “: [” Code “:” PF002 “,” Label “:” AIX “],” Version “:” Version Independence “,” Revision “:” “,” Line of Business ” : “Code”: “LOB08”, “label”: “Cognitive Systems”, “Product”: “code”: “SWG10”, “label”: “AIX”, “Business Unit”: “code”: “BU058” , “Label”: “IBM Infrastructure with TPS”, “Component”: “Install-Backup-Restore”, “Platform”: [“code”: “”, “label”: “”], “Version”: ” “,” Edition “:” “,” Company Line: “code”: “LOB08”, “label”: “Cognitive Systems”]


Recovering filesystems with fsck on AIX (indicator 517 or 518 hangs)


This document describes its use in conjunction with the fsck (file system check) function.Maintenance mode to fixThere are inconsistencies in file systems. A course of treatmentdescribeuseful when the filesystem is on the main root filesystemsostensiblyor, in many packages, to correct the IPL slope using LED value 517, 518 or LED value555 document

This applies to all AIX operating systems as well as PowerVM servers (VIO).

Recovery Procedure

  1. Boot your system into a shell with minimal functional maintenance or (Service,Maintenance Mode) from AIX bootable media to help you perform a file system scan.Your root filesystems.

    Refer to the appropriate system user or installation instructions and help forspecial IPL procedures related to your method type and material. Youcan also refer to this would bea document titled “Loading in Service Mode” available atSupport for finding IBM Power servers.

  2. With bootable media of the same version and almost like the system,start the system. If it is an LPAR VIOS, you are using sooThe appropriate VIOS media.The boot video can be one of the following:

    • NON_AUTOINSTALL mksysb
    • Bootable installation tape

    You can use SPOT NIM at the same AIX operating system level (or IOS level for PowerVM VIO servers).

  3. Follow the new screen prompt for your next meal: Welcome to the base operating system Installation and maintenance
  4. Select Run Maintenance Mode for System Restore (Option 3).

    The following screens display the Service menu. Enter

  5. select the root volume group (option 1).

    The following ads will display a warning that in fact you cannotreturn to the current menu of the base operating system without rebooting.

  6. Select 0 Continue .

    The next LCD screen displays information about all the volume categories on the system.

  7. Select the root volume group number by.
  8. Select Go to this depth group and start previous buildFile systems (option 2).

    If a person has errors in the method, do not go to the restThis way. Resolve the problem that caused the error. If you need helpto permanently fix the problem that caused the error, contact

      the following:

    • local department
    • Your point of sale
    • Your AIX Support Center

    If there are no errors, proceed to the next steps.

  9. Run the following commands to check and repair your file systems.

    NOTE. The -y fsck option confirms the fix.Damage to the file system must be mandatory. This flag can be used to avoidmanually explain multiple confirmation requests, but implement this flagmay, in certain situations, lead to the irrecoverable loss of third-party data.

     fsck / dev / hd4 fsck / dev / hd2 fsck / dev / hd3 fsck / dev / hd9var fsck / dev / hd1
  10. How to format the standard rootvg jfslog log fileSystem Filesystems (JFS), run the command here: / usr / sbin / logform / dev / hd8

    Answer absolutely yes when asked if you really want to destroy the log.

  11. If your favorite system freezeswhen booting in normal mode with indicator 517 or 518,it is possible that your / etc / filesystems file is corrupted or ignored.To temporarily replace / etc / filesystems on diskFile, run the following commands: / dev / hd4 / mnt. Collect / mnt / etc / filesystems mv / mnt / etc / filesystems. sizesMMDDJJ] Cerebral palsy / etc / file systems / mnt / etc / file systems umount means / mnt

    mmddy the current two-digit representation of yourMonth, day and year.

  12. Enter Exit to exit the level. File systemsThey will appear automatically after typing exit . If you get errorMessages, Computers in Limited Service Feature RetryThe malfunction removes the cause.
  13. When you can have user created filesystems in a large rootvggroup, fsck has been working with them since this day. Enter: Fsck / dev / [LV name]
    error code 0518 aix

    LVname is considered the name of a user-defined logical volume.

  14. If you have used a certain technique, temporarily replace your/ etc / filesystems and you currently have user created filesystems underThe rootvg volume group, usually also neededo execute the following command: imfs -l / dev / [LV name]
  15. If you need to use the above procedure now, replace it./ etc / filesystems, also check the following command: imfs [VG name]

    Front panel commands can be repeated for each individual and each configurable volumeGroup by system normally.

  16. If your system freezes at LED 517 or 518 and you cannot activateVolumes options without rootvg in service mode you can edit the list/ etc / filesystems and increase the corresponding entries.

    Previously saved file /etc/filesystems.MMDDYYThe steps can be used as a reference to read it. However the imfs method is specificpreferable because it uses the information stored in the logical controller of the bookblock to repopulate / etc / filesystems.

  17. If your system has a function key, select rotate it to its normal position.
  18. Reboot the system normally using the sync command; synchronization; synchronization; next reboot:

error code 0518 aix

If you have followed all the previous steps and are still experiencingVEL517-518 when restarting normally you can find outreinstallYour system from a previous backup. You can identify the cause of the freezeToo much time can also be uneconomical around your manufacturing facilities.Neighborhood.To isolate the possible cause of the hang, you need to run debugging.System.See the bootstrap capture debug docs for the final instructions.available in the support search for IBM Power servers. It is always possible that isolating your problem indicates recovery, or that a fresh installation of AIX is required to fix it.

If you need help resolving your downtime problem, sign in withfrom the following:

  • local office
  • Your point of sale
  • Your AIX Support Center

Historical Number

Foutcode 0518 Aix
Fehlercode 0518 Aix
Kod Bledu 0518 Aix
Felkod 0518 Aix
오류 코드 0518 Aix
Kod Oshibki 0518 Aix