The Easiest Way To Fix Hkcmd.exe Error In Windows XP

Over the past few days, several readers have informed us that they have experienced hkcmd.exe error in Windows XP.

How to fix Windows crashes

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    Hkcmd.exe is often the executable file associated with the interpreted Hotkey command associated with Intel Graphics And personal 810-815. In this case, it means that there is a problem with our own Intel hardware drivers or a bug is damaging your computer.


    If their hkcmd.exe (Intel Hotkey Command Activator) processes are confusing you, buckle up because we’re going to dive deep into this “mysterious” process window. For

    According to our research, this is a genuine Windows process that can usually be found in the Task Manager.

    If it’s genuine adware and doesn’t hide it, it can be found in your current c:windowssystem32 folder.

    While this is harmless, it can sometimes have a negative effect on the system in question and overwhelm all of your computer’s resources.

    This usually happens when the hkcmd you answered is a malware virus or software masquerading asone legitimate software process.

    Fortunately, if you’re experiencing this problem, there are quick fixes that most people can follow to get rid of the problem. But before that, let’s first learn what hkcmd is.

    What Is Hkcmd?

    Can I remove Hkcmd from startup?

    If you want to disable the launch of the hkcmd part, you can do so in the control panel. You can also press Ctrl + Alt + F12 to bring up the Intel Graphics Media and Control Panel interface. In the Basic Mode Support window, go to the Options and Support tab, so uncheck Hotkey functionality.

    Hkcmd stands for Intel Graphics Hot Key Module, which controls the Intel Common User Interface section.

    In Windows 7 and earlier, methods are usually responsible for video-related keyboard shortcuts.

    It is usually located in the above folder. However, if you find it elsewhere, it may indicate that it is a virus and should be removed immediately.

    How do I disable Hkcmd exe in Windows 7?

    Press ctrl shit + esc.This will open the task manager.Check out the Hkcmd.exe process here.Right click > mouse End task.Now click on the Start tab > Open Task Manager.Locate Hkcmd.exe Click > Right Click > Disable.Apply all changes is considered and completed.

    Remember that the original file should not be deleted. Instead, you can disable hotkeys in the Graphics intel Control section of the window.

    Also keep in mind that this process only applies to Windows 7 and earlier, as newer versions of the operating system currently use Lgfxhk.exe.

    Common Symptoms Of Fantastic Hkcmd.exe Infection

  • Files can be deleted in encrypted form.
  • You will get different types of popups n or warnings
  • Unwanted activity, usually computer
  • Change the default search engine, browser home page, and some other web settings.
  • Computer performance is poor
  • Antivirus firewall or will be disabled
  • The program may not have an Internet service or a slow redirection and Internet connection.
  • many, help you with suspicious third party websites
  • Some of the set options won’t work
  • Files can be deleted encrypted.
  • How To Fix Hkcmd.your Exe Errors

    What is Hkcmd exe file?

    “hkcmd.exe” is an amazing graphically “extreme” Intel keyhook. If you never use Intel hotkeys, go to Intel Control Panel > Extreme Graphics > Hotkeys and disable them. Get a more detailed guide to hkcmd.exe and other all supported background processes using Task Security Manager.

    If the hard drive contains a malicious hkcmd.exe file, the element can be so disturbing that it will definitely have a bad effect on its performance. Fortunately, this is not difficult if you solve the problem of the article. some Here are some of our easiest ways to use it:

    1 To.fix (launch Disabled)

    hkcmd.exe error windows xp

    Odesktop recommends deleting this hkcmd.exe process from the tedious Task Manager. .

    Instead, you can do this to prevent it from being shown at startup when you turn it off.Reading it directly in the Intel Graphics extreme interface. Like:

    1. Open your control panel here by clicking the start button or by pressing the windows key and then typing control panel. Over there
    2. click “Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel”, then “Basic Mode”, then tab and “Settings Support”. Then just uncheck the box next to “Hot Keys” to turn it off.

    You can also delete the parent app at any time.

    hkcmd.exe error windows xp

    This will require Intel to uninstall the Graphics Media Accelerator, which can probably be done in one step:

    1. Press Windows Key + R then you will find “ cpl” in the search bar and hit enter. This will take the section owners to “And Program Features”.
    2. In a new simple window, find the current Intel Graphics Media and accelerator uninstall it by right-clicking and selecting Uninstall.

    After you’re done, the hkcmd.Exe process executable will no longer show up in your Task Manager, unless it’s a very stealthy virus or malware. Fixed

    2.(Reinstall The Graphics Driver)

    This is the second solutionin general, almost similar to the first solution, except that you will need to reinstall the Intel graphics drivers on your computer.

    If you know, not most of them use hkcmd as their .exe file. In this way, your company can solve the hkcmd.exe related problem on your PC. Next steps:

    1. To access the device manager section on our computer, press the Windows + R keys at the same time.
    2. When viewing the normal “devmgmt type.msc” panel, press enter.
    3. In most Device Manager windows, locate the display connectors and then click the right arrow next to it to open the drop-down menu.
    4. Click on your personal driver, graphical right-click on the application and select “Properties”.
    5. When the new launch window appears, select the driver field, then select the option to remove the device.
    6. After that, just restart your computer

    This tactic removes your graphics driver and sometimes distorts the image on the monitor. However, recovery allows Windows to automatically updaterun the driver in normal mode. In this case, update the hkcmd.exe file so that your system can run smoothly again.

    Video Tutorial: How to Download and Install the Intel HD Graphics Driver to Create a Notebook

    Third And Fix (scan For Programs)

    Is it safe to disable Hkcmd module?

    If your non-virus detects Hkcmd as a malicious file, there is no need to permanently delete it. Hkcmd, this part of the Graphics intel Accelerator media is completely safe. Therefore, if you are a tabletouch this file, don’t worry if no antivirus detects it as malware.

    Another malware solution is to scan your system for malware.

    One of the most common executable files is that viruses besides they can also be easily infected by malware. If eliminated to intrude into your system, they will cause many problems such as stealing important information, changing the performance of your computer, and more.

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