Steps To Fix The Problem With Reinstalling Windows 98

Here are some simple steps that can help you fix the problem of reinstalling Windows 98.

Welcome to a step-by-step reinstallation of Windows 98 from Microsoft from a bootable CD / DVD and from your hard drive. This gives you an idea of ​​what to do when it comes time for customers to reinstall a workflow or install and update their current operating system first. These installation instructions are comprehensive and intuitive and will guide you through every step of the installation.

  1. Windows 98 CD

  2. Windows 98 Floppy

  3. A bootable computer with access to CD

To run this type of Windows installation. First, make sureMake sure the original boot device is configured as “Floppy Disk Drive” in your system BIOS.

(For instructions on how to find the BIOS, see your computer’s motherboard manufacturer’s manual. (In many cases, the system BIOS can be invoked at boot time by pressing F1, F2, F8., F10, or DEL.) Save key settings before exiting))

If you are unsure or never want to enter BIOS again, just check your computer by inserting the CD and floppy disk into their drives and restarting your new computer.

You will know that your desktop will boot from CD when you see all of the following screens.

The Microsoft Windows 98 Start menu may be displayed. Select option 2 using the arrow keys, or simply by pressing 2 on any keyboard, press Enter … and wait until you finally get to the Dos prompt

They are probably all already in the CD-Rom prompt, otherwise press “D:” and press Enter (assuming the letter on your CD -Rom D :). To confirm where you are “CD WIN98 , you are on the right joystick, if the directory is wobbling, if not, try “E:”, repeat the process and continue with ABC until you get to the Win98 file. In the next example, this will probably be “D: WIN98”.

Assuming you can reinstall Windows 98, use “FORMAT C:”

WARNING. This step contains all the information on your disk, so be sure to back up anything that the person doesn’t want to lose.

Press “Y” and type to keep the format if you’re sure you won’t lose anything

Now type “MD C: WIN98” and press Enter. (A file named WIN98 will be created on your hard disk)

Then type 5. “copy. * C: WIN98” and press Enter. (this will download the installation files to disk)

Now enter “C: WIN98” (you will undoubtedly go to the WIN98 directory on your hard drive)

Then enter “Setup” (Windows 98 will start installing)

You must now remove the Windows 98 CD and Windows 98 boot disk, usually no longer needed

Now press Enter to continue or F3 to exit.

The installer can now view your plan. Press Enter to continue.

Can you download Windows 98?

To purchase Windows 98, you must either purchase a genuine Microsoft CD (they are still available on websites like eBay) or a valid ISO file of the same. We recommend that you take advantage of Windows 98 SE because this operating system entry is bootable.

The next disk scan will be performed continuously, it can be blocked or simply configured.

The installer now copies the programs essential for the installation.

how do you reinstall windows 98

Installation has started, now some kind of mouse should be active, logs and TV viewing continue. If you want to change, take a look at the output setting. If the mouse is often inactive, press “ENTER” on our keyboard.

The wizard will start. Please be patient, this may take some time.

Now select the directory where you want to install Windows. The trick is choosing C: Windows. They change this, but it is never recommended. Click Next Next.

The installer is now preparing the directory, sometimes be patient, this entry iscould be a good time.

Setup now checks disk space.

What the owners want to install. We recommend “Usually”, this is the default setting. Therefore, click “Next” to continue.

List of Windows components to install. Leave the default setting and click Next.

If a good network card is found, it will be displayed once. Enter actual dates and click Next.

Now select the desired property settings and click Next.

Windows is copying clips right now, this may take a while. Be patient

After a while you will be prompted to restart your computer, Windows will do it. Click Restart Now to speed up the process. Remove the bootable CD from the floppy drive before restarting. For


screen for the first boot is displayed.

Enter your vendor name now, this is optional. MoreClick Next to continue.

Now the license agreement. Read and, if you agree, click “I accept the agreement” and select “Next”. If you select “I will never accept, I will accept the agreement”, the setup is complete. Enter

is now your Product Key or Certificate Authentication Code. The fourth digit is 16 digits long and can be found on most of the back of the CD case, or perhaps in a book about Windows 98. In that case, if you have an OEM computer, it might be on this side or the back … your computer. Click Next to continue.

How do I restore my computer to factory settings Windows 98?

Restart your computer while holding down the Ctrl key.At the command prompt, enter scanreg / restore.Click the registry entry that contains the word “Started” next to this date and press Enter.Press Enter again to restart your computer.

Then click Finish.

The installation now completes both hardware and installation options.

Plug and Play Devices …..

Your computer will be prompted to restart ….

how do you reinstall windows 98

Windows is starting up.

and current device installation. Select

Now your date / time settings using the control arrow next to GMT -0800.

After choosing apply, then OK. Will

Windows continues to customize Windows elements.

The person will now be restarted.

Windows should continue booting.

and update your system settings. Long

You have finally arrived at the office.

If you’re lucky, your business won’t need to patch the drivers, but the next task is probably to install them. Take a look at Device Manager for Unknown Mobile Devices. Possible items include network cards, sound cards, printers, graphic scanners, cards, digital cameras, and whatever else is available to customers.

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