Steps To Troubleshoot Security Log Issues In Windows 2003


You may receive an error message showing how security logs are archived in Windows 2003. There are a number of steps you can take to resolve this issue. We will do it shortly.



I recently received an urgent request to enable folder validation for you in Windows Server 2003. This request can get quite complicated if someone tries to keep their document file (log portion) secure. ) Event. Why ?

1. This server is pre is a file and even a print server, and after the IRS monitor object access function is changed and the folders are configured to track anyone who creates and deletes folders / files, the number of activity records created will be huge and probably very fast … (About 100MB every 15 minutes when users access real folders)

2. Normal security protocol configuration is overwritten if necessary. Otherwise, if the log is not normal, it will be saved until someone personally erases it. Even worse, if the log is now full, you will not be able to connect to the server. (We need to find a way to automatically save the security log)

Based on the nature of the above request, I need to develop a tactic for automatically archiving the Wellness Log and saving it for review in the application.

2. Move archived log files from C drive every 15 minutes relative to the scheduled task

3. Compress the log files saved at the end with the tag, scheduling task

For Chapter – As Onbuild Windows Server 2003 to automatically archive health log

Chapter 1. – 1 For servers that can be managed through the domain GPO

1. Create all other organizational units within the existing organizational unit in which it is located;

2 servers. Move the computer to a new organizational unit. Example below:

how to archive security logs in windows 2003

3. Then create a GPO such as EnableObjectAccessAudit to run on the platform. What you need to configure is shown below:

NOTE. For my site, success and failure are almost certainly defined in such a way that the user really needs everything. If possible, success is enough. To store the method, set the value to Manual. Otherwise, security will fail on its own and, most importantly, some of the setup may no longer work!


Roughly make sure that “Save” is equal to “0xffffffff” (this is REQUIRED for the autosave log function to work)

1. Configure in the section “Administration”, “Local security policy”> “Local policy”> “Audit policy” “Audit of access to objects” accordingly – success or failure.

Once the setting works, you can definitely see the automatic archiving of firewood security files in the C: Windows System32 config folder.

The file names have the same format – archive-security-2009-05-27-XX-XX-XX-XXX.evt

WARNING. Once you’ve configured this, you will need to run the following configuration to select files elsewhere. Otherwise, your C drive will fill up very quickly …

Chapter 2 – Automatically Moving a Zipped File to Another Location Due to the C Drive

To run the command line every 15 minutes in a car or truck, you can now use the above command to create a batch file and set it up almost like a scheduled task that runs every 15 minutes.

The zipped files with security marks are huge! For me, each file is undoubtedly 100MB since ITroil its indicator for 100 MB (max.). Every day the PC creates an average of 100 … (10 Go!). Therefore, after moving a new file to a different location, you can compress it. Information files are text and file when compressed, 100 MB becomes only 4 MB, possibly less.

In my case, I am using 7zip to do some command line related tasks.

The following command line is for RAW cleanup, which starts the log after holding the above command. Not if server space is probably still in use!

Also, I used a utility to personally help add the date as a member of the file name of the clicked file. ™ ‚

To automate the process of compressing, deleting and renaming the file level, I will create another batch file and put the above commands in it. Then I create a schedule task that will be applied to the batch file every night. ™ 11pm, that would be nice.

how to archive security logs in windows 2003

But you have to watch during the day to see if the log file overflows normally. If yes, is it necessarymove information from drive C every 2-3 minutes?

For my part, I will only keep the logs for a month. I will delete these protocols in a month. But for auditing purposes, you can simply save the external ad to keep it offline.

Recommendation. If you are not sure what you are doing, try the virtual machine first and check the outbound server, especially if you are creating registry keys on the device. ™ ‚

2 (as above). In the system registry of your computer, go to HKLM> SYSTEM> CURRENTCONTROLSET> SERVICES> EVENTLOG> SECURITY

Make sure the Save option is set to “0xffffffff” (actually MANDATORY for auto-cached log files to work and work)



How do I export Windows security logs?

Launch Event Viewer by choosing Start> Search for jar (or press Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog box) and type eventvwr.In Event Viewer, expand Windows Logs.Click the type in the stories you want to export.Click Action> Save All Events AsMake sure the Save As type is selected.

How do I archive log files in Windows?

Archive the current log when it is full. Do not overwrite events – if you select our option, Windows will automatically save that particular log when the maximum log weight is reached and create a new log found. The log is saved in the location where you want to save the security log. By default, this can be% SystemRoot% System32 Winevt Logs.

Where are Windows security logs stored?

Event logs are located in the entire Windows or WINNT directory in the% WinDir% system32 config folder. These files end in.




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