What Are The Reasons For Debugging DLL In C # .net And How To Fix It?


If you know how to debug DLLs in C # .net on your computer, this guide should help you fix it.

g.Set breakpoints in the DLL project.Right click on the DLL project and select “Set as Startup Project”.Make sure the Solution Configuration is set to Debug. Press F5, click the green start arrow, or choose Debug> Start Debugging.




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A dynamic link library (DLL) is usually a library containing marketers and data that can be used by multiple applications. You can use Visual Studio to quit, build, customize, and debug DLLs.

Create An Important DLL

How do I debug an external DLL in Visual Studio?

Debug> Windows> Modules.Find the DLL for the type of project you are interested in.Right click> Load Symbols> Select the path to .PDB for your other project.

  • C #, Visual Basic, or F # class library.
  • C # Library or Visual Basic Windows Forms Control (WCF)
  • C ++ Dynamic Link Library (DLL)

Debugging a WCF library is similar to debugging a class library. For more information on aspects, see Windows Controls Forms.

Usually, you select a DLL from another project. If you are debugging the calling project based primarily on the configured DLL, you can also call and debug the DLL code.

Configuring DLL Debugging

When you implement the Visual Studio project template to create an application, Visual Studio always generates the necessary settings for debugging and building version configurations. You can change these settings if necessary. Additionalsee the following articles for details:

Set C ++ Debug Attributes

For the debugger to be directly attached to the C ++ DLL, the C ++ rule must output DebuggableAttribute .

  1. Select the C ++ DLL project in Solution Explorer and select properties or icon, usually right-click the project and select Properties.

  2. In the Properties panel, under Linker Debug, select Yes (/ ASSEMBLYDEBUG) to debug the assembly.

Determine The Location Of The C / C ++ DLL Files

Anyway, in order to debug your external DLL, the calling project must be able to find that DLL, its .pdb and file , as well as any other files the DLL needs. You can create a custom build task to actually copy these files to the debug output folder, or you can manually copy the files there.

For C / ProjectsC ++ you can set LIB headers and file locations in the build project property pages instead of copying everything to the output folder.

  1. Select the C / C ++ DLL in Solution Explorer by clicking the Properties icon, or sometimes right-click the project and select Properties.

  2. At the top of the Properties window, under Configuration, select All Configurations.

  3. Under C / C ++> General> Additional Include Directories, select the folder containing the h2 tag files.

  4. Under Linker General >> Additional Library Directories, enter the folder that should contain the LIB files.

  5. Under Linker> Input> Additional Dependencies, enter the complete method and filename for the LIB files.

  6. Select OK.

For more information on C ++ program options, see the Windows C ++ Properties Web Site Reference .

Create Debug Version

Remember to create a debug version attached to the DLL before starting debugging. To debug a DLL, a recruiting application must be able to view its .pdb and rankings There are all the opposite files that this DLL needs.

You can have a custom build task to place the DLL files in your company’s Debug folder, or the client can usually copy the files manually.

Make sure you are calling the DLL in the correct location. It might seem obvious, but if the call easily finds and loads another emulation DLL, the debugger should probably never reach the breakpoints set by you and your family.

Debugging DLL

You cannot run a specific DLL directly. This should usually be an application, usually an .exe file. For more information, see Visual Studio – C ++ Projects .

how to debug dll in c#.net

To debug the main DLL, you can start debugging the main DLL from the calling application or debug the DLL project execution > by specifying the caller You can also use the debugger Window Immediate to compare DLL functions or methods at build time without using selling application arguments.

Start Debugging Via Phone App

  • Applying Visual Studio projects in the same solution or an alternative DLL solution.
  • An existing mobile application that has already been deployed and is setting the stage for a test machine.
  • Found on the web and available at the URL. Internet
  • is the application with this website that bundles the DLL.
  • Open a project to run the application and start debugging by choosing Debug> Start Debugging or by pressing F5.


  • Attach to Application is an application that will undoubtedly be deployed and run on a test or production machine. Use this procedure for DLLs or web application websites. For more information, see How to attach a custom process .

Before you start debugging your Kontakt application, set a breakpoint on the main DLL. See Using breakpoints . When you hit a DLL breakpoint type, you can also step through the code and observe the new action on each line. For more information, see Navigating your For the code in the debugger .

While debugging, you can use the Modules window to check application DLLs and .exe files. To open the Modules window, let alone debug, choose Debug> Windows> Modules. For more information, see How to use the Modules Window .

Use Immediate Window

You can use the main run window to evaluate the functionality of a DLL or method development time. The window immediately plays the role of the calling application.

For example, to test the Test method named Class1 :

  1. With the DLL project open, open a Runtime window by choosing Debug> Windows> Immediately or, ominously, Ctrl + Alt + I.

  2. Instantiate the Class1 category object by typing the following C # system in the immediate window and pressing Enter. This managed code works well with C # and Visual Basic with perfect syntax changes:

      class1 obj = new class1 (); 

    In C #, all names should be very well qualified. All variables or methods must be in the current scope and therefore , in context, if the language service broke it when evaluating the expression.

  3. Assuming test is unfortunately using the int parameter, compare test with a direct window:

     ? obj.Test (10); 

    how to debug dll in c#.net

    As a result, only the popup is printed.

  4. You can still debug Test by setting a breakpoint on it and then retesting the function.

    It looks like a breakpoint has been hit and you can accept Test . When Test is finished, the debugger is in development mode again.


You can use mixed mode to create articles and DLL calling applications in managed or native code. If your own application calls a dynamic DLL and you ask to debug both, you can often enable both managed and native debuggers in the project properties. The exact process depends on whether you want to start debugging from a DLL project or from the project of the calling application. For more information, see How to debug in mixed mode .

You can also debug a nice native DLL from the Managed Asking Professionals project. For more information, see How to debug managed and legacy code .

See Also

The popup can be used with most types of projects at design time. This is not for SQL, web projects or illegal programs.

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How do I debug an external DLL?

To debug an external DLL, the phone dialer project needs to be able to find the DLL it is. pdb directory and any other files the DLL needs. You can create an agreement build task to copy these folders to the Debug Results folder, or you can copy the files there manually.

How do I debug a .CS file in Visual Studio?

In your C # project, open Program. cs.Press F5, select the organic green arrow in the Visual Studio Alexa plug-in, or choose Debug> Start Debugging to start debugging. The debugger stops at the breakpoint that you actually set.




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