The Easiest Way To Fix How To Activate The Sound Card In BIOS

If you know how to enable sound card in BIOS, this guide will help you. Go to someone’s advanced BIOS section. Go to the option “Built-in” or “Device Configuration” by pressing “Enter” forcibly. Sound settings are usually found under Sound Controller or other similar sound-related settings. Press Enter to activate or deactivate the current ringtone setting.

With the advancement of internal motherboard technology, and especially chipsets, you may find that your motherboard supports sound for the chipset. An onboard audio solution often requires full surround sound capability with support for up to 7.1 speakers without the need for an additional sound card. To be able to use your vehicle reliably, you must enable built-in programming, such as sound, in the BIOS, which controls your PC’s general settings. Once installed in the BIOS, the operating system immediately installs the required drivers and provides full functionality for both the speaker and the headset configuration.

How do I turn on onboard audio?

In Advanced, select Integrated Peripherals, then find the specific entry for the embedded audio. Press our custom + key to change the setting to Enabled, then press F10 to save your selection and exit BIOS. Restart your computer in this operating system.


on the primary computer and wait for the publishing information to appear on startup. Release Notes includeinformation such as the specific BIOS version your system is running on and the amount of memory. Wait until the computer usually displays a message asking owners to press a specific market key to enter BIOS setup. Common answers are “F1”, “F2” and maybe “Del”. to be.

How do I enable my sound card?

Open the control panel.Click Hardware and Sound, then Sounds.On the Playback tab, right-clickClick on a specific blank area and make sure there is a check mark next to Show Disabled Devices. If headphones / speakers are disabled, they will now only be displayed in the list.Right click your smartphone and activate it.

Press the arrow button and scroll key to reload the BIOS setup menu.

Navigate the main BIOS menu by moving the pointing sticks up the keyboard and then selecting the Advanced submenu. In Advanced, find Integrated, select Peripherals, and the Onboard Audio list will appear. Press the + button to change the setting to Enabled, then press F10 to make a selection in conjunction with exiting the BIOS.

How do I turn off sound in BIOS?

Enter BIOS setup and set the on-board audio to Off. If messing with BIOS settings seems painful to you, just disable HD sound in Device Manager (right click >> Disable). Then the system windows. However, disabling it in the BIOS is considered the preferred method.

Restart exactly the computer that is running in the system. Once Windows starts up, it enters application detection mode and sets up a user for your new audio device. Let the system connect and install the latest driver for your family’s audio chip. A system restart may be required to activate all functions. If so, let it be, the new device will look like any inserted sound card.

how to enable sound card in bios

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The motherboard of the machine supports sound through any optional integrated sound card or chip. Those that contain sound from a memory chip usually have expansion slots to accommodate a whole bunch of powerful sound cards. When a sound card was installed, the onboard sound was disabled directly to avoid conflicts, either automatically when the card was inserted, or by disabling the onboard sound of this BIOS program. If the extra head breaks down, you can still use the sound on the ship, but you need toturn it on again.

Remove the optional sound card, if installed. Many motherboards automatically turn off the audio deck when another audio device is detected, and removing it can easily restore the sound on your card. As far as computers in a computer system are concerned, you will need to indict in court and carefully remove the hard card from the debit card slot. This card can be secured with a screw or retaining clips. Laptops may have an expansion card or USB audio device that needs to be removed.


Restart your computer and enter BIOS by pressing a nice key while the system boots. These home screens usually display a hotkey such as Press XXX to enter configuration. General”. Secrets and Techniques: F1, F2, Del, Esc, and F10.

Find out this section is about car audio. This could be, for example, the Advanced menu, Peripherals, or maybe Built-in Peripherals labeled “Built-in Sound”, “Sound …” or something similar.

SelectCheck Save & Exit to minimize reboots and your system. Your computer system can use the F10 key to confirm save and exit items. If Trucker is not already installed, Windows 7 will automatically find the appropriate club. If it cannot find another, insert your computer’s Drivers disc into your CD / DVD drive and manually select a driver. You can also program and run drivers from the manufacturer’s main site.

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how to enable sound card in bios

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