Troubleshoot HP Officejet V40 Errors Incorrect Black Print Cartridge Installed

This guide identifies some potential causes that can lead to the HP Officejet v40 error. The wrong black cartridge is installed, followed by several possible solutions that you can try to resolve the issue.

I noticed a specific error message “Wrong black cartridge installed” on my HP Officejet v40 home printer. I am very happy to research this topic for you!

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  1. hp officejet v40 error incorrect black cartridge installed

    Remove both cartridges (although my post shows only one cartridge). For details on how to remove and install cartridges, see your printer manual or help movies. Most HP printers really need to be turned on in order to remove new cartridges.


    Be sure to complete the process and reinstall the cartridges within a month or a few minutes. Ink in kaPuls may dry out in the nozzles if the cartridge is left outside your current printer for too long.

  2. Pull the printer accurately

  3. Inspect the cartridges:

    • If there are more cartridges, make sure the protective tape is completely removed.

    • How do you override an ink cartridge error?

      Remove the new main cartridge and replace with the old one.Always replace the old cartridge with a new one.Remove the new cartridge.Turn off the corresponding printer using its button.Separate the printer from the wall.

      Make sure the other cartridges are not damaged. If copper colored tape is torn or punctured, the cartridge must be replaced.

    • Make sure cartridges are compatible with all printers. A detailed list of compatible cartridges is in the instructions.

  4. Reinstall all cartridges.


    Why does my printer say black cartridge problem?

    Check / clean cartridge contacts. A common reason for reporting a problem with a cartridge is the presence of microchipped little golden men directly on the body of the HP toner cartridge that are hidden by dirt / ink or are often physically damaged. First, throw the indicated cartridge out of the device and look for the chip.

    HP cannot guarantee the quality or reliability of refilled or remanufactured cartridges.

    • Please contact each cartridge safely. The place is definitely ok.

    • Make sure the cartridge is properly latched and the latch is properly closed.

    • Reconnect the front cover plug to the printer.

  5. If the above recommendations did not help solve the problem Follow the steps belowProcedure for cleaning the cartridge and electrical contacts:

    1. Purchase cleaning products:

      • Purify distilled water. Use a TV bottle or water if distilled water is almost certainly not available.

      • Clean the cotton swabs or any other soft, lint-free material (the coffee filter system works great).

    2. Remove the two cartridges.

    3. Unplug the printer.

    4. Lightly wash down a lint-free cleaner with clean water.

    5. Clean the cartridge contacts. Avoid talking to buzzards. Replace material cleaner if dirty.

      Drawing: cartridge nozzles and contacts

      1. Injectors

      2. Contacts

      Fig. Cartridge nozzles and contacts

      1. nozzles

      2. How do I fix HP printer missing or damaged ink error?

        Close the cartridge access door. Check the appearance of the product control panel. Once the error message has been cleared, there is no more need to take more photos. If the error persists, press the new power button to turn off the printer, wait 30 seconds, and then turn the printer back on.


      If your cartridge looks different from the pictures above, look for contacts and find an area with any number of small copper squares. The figure below shows the which are representative tube contacts.

      Illustration: Contacts

    6. Use the stamp cartridge, use the printer (carriage) to clean the cartridge contacts. The images below show the locations where you own executive cars. If your buggy does not look like the pictures below, try digging out the copper contacts inside the press that would touch the cartridge’s contact list if the cartridge is installed correctly.

      Picture: car contacts

      Picture: Transport Contacts

    7. Lassen Dry or scrub all contacts for at least five minutes, then clean and reinsert the cartridges.
    8. Close the front cover and printer connector, and again.

  6. If the steps above do not solve the problem, please repeat them.

  7. If the error persists after repeating all steps, replace the toner cartridges. If you have already replaced some of the cartridges and the problem persists, contact HP. Printer mMay require service.


Verify that the procedure was successful and reinstall the cartridges for 30 minutes. The ink that touches the cartridges can dry in the nozzles themselves if the cartridge is left outside the printer for too long.

  • If the cartridges are new, make sure the protective tape was completely removed many years ago.

  • Verify that the cartridges are undoubtedly damaged. If the copper-colored power connector is torn or punctured, the capsule must be replaced.

  • Make sure the toner cartridges are compatible with the printer. See the manual for a list of compatible ink cartridges.


HP cannot guarantee the quality and / or quality of refilled or remanufactured cartridges.

  • hp officejet v40 error incorrect black cartridge installed

    Make sure each cartridge is fully inserted into its slot.

  • Make sure the cartridge is still inserted and the latch is closed.

  • Close the bezel, note the connector and lumbar vertebra of the printer.

  • Pure distilled water. UseTake filtered and even bottled water if distilled water is not available.

  • Clean cotton swabs or other practical lint-free materials (coffee filtration system works well).

Image: Cartridge nozzles and single contacts

  1. nozzles

  2. Contacts

Picture: cartridge nozzles and contacts

  1. Injectors

  2. Contacts

< / div>

  1. Injectors

  2. Contacts

  1. Injectors

  2. Contacts

If your feed doesn’t look exactly like one of the other images above, you can probably find contacts by looking for an area with a row of small squares of real estate agents. The illustration below shows some of the contacts on the cartridge.

Picture: Car Contacts

< div>

Picture: Transport Contacts

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