It Is Necessary To Get Rid Of Problems With The Kernel Ntoskrnl.exe

Sometimes your computer may display a message stating that the kernel is ntoskrnl.exe. There can be several reasons for this error.

Error code 0xc0000221 occurs in Windows 11/10 users after having no shoes on their computer. Several users report that they are stuck in an auto-repair loop due to the above code issue. In this article, I’m going to demystify the possible causes and then propose solutions to fix those problems.

The complete error message you received for this error code is shown below.

kernel ntoskrnl.exe

Your computer needs repair.

The operating system could not be loaded because the kernel ignored it or has errors.

File: WINDOWS system32 ntoskrnl.exe

Error code: 0xc0000221.

Possible causes

After examining the problem and almost all of the various symptoms of this error, our organization has narrowed it down to four culprits that can cause error code 0xc0000221, as shown below:

  1. Hardware problem due to new RAM or Hard Gain: There are times when users get this type of error after installing a second RAM card or plugging in a new Servant hard drive.
  2. Secondary GPU: pr The problem is actually reported by computers with large SLI or CrossFire configurations. Consequently, the power supply cannot provide enough power to power all connected devices.
  3. System file corruption: A computer error code indicates a problem in the system that experts believe is related to document corruption.
  4. A third-party service outage started. There are undoubtedly cases where the error could have been caused by a fraudulent third-party service.

We have provided several troubleshooting steps to help you resolve error code 0xc0000221. Below is a collection of possible bug fixes that can help you successfully resolve the issue. We encourage someone to try out the fixes in the presented layout.

  1. Boot into Safe Mode.
  2. Run SFC, CHKDSK as DISM scan in that order.
  3. Check your RAM for problems.
  4. Remove additional GPU and external hard drives / SSDs.
  5. PlaySystem establishment.
  6. Perform a recovery installation of Windows 10.

IMPORTANT! Whatever the reason, your priority is to enter Safe Mode. If you can access Safe Mode, so much the better; Otherwise, you will have to use the Windows installation media.

1) Boot Into Safe Mode

In Safe Mode, your computer will start in a limited state and only need basic files and drivers to start. If your technique starts up without any problems in Safe Mode, it is likely that the problem could be caused by some software that you previously installed.

Here’s what you need to do to fix the error after successfully booting in Safe Mode:

If you are unable to navigate to the previous boot screen, you can force the Advanced Boot Options screen to open by interrupting the boot process (turning on the computer, shutting down when someone’s Windows logo is displayed a. 2 attempts, also 3 times, always turns off the moment appears Windows logo) manufacturing process.

If you can complete the boot process, you can also open the Restore Settings tab by checking the box in the startup dialog (Windows key + R) and typing ms-settings: recovery by pressing Enter. Then just click the Restart Now button in the Advanced Startup section.

After someone gets to the Advanced Boot Options screen, select Troubleshoot and click Advanced Options.

When returning to Boot Settings, press F4, F5, or F6 to boot into one of the three available safe modes.

If your computer starts successfully in safe mode, it’s safe to say that diagnostics is a service of the application you recently installed that is causing the error. In this case, you can start by removing recently installed programs that you think may currently be causing the problem, or you can try to systematically exclude software services and, for example, the startup process until you find the culprit.

But if anyone has the same error 0xc0000221, even if it was a real boot in Safe Mode, skip to the next fix below.

2) Perform 1 SFC, CHKDSK And DISM Scan, Here In That Order

By running these three or more built-in utilities designed to repair Windows file corruption, you can eliminate the risk that error code 0xc0000221 cannot occur due to community file or file system / p>

Here is literally how you can use this software to fix this error:

kernel ntoskrnl.exe

You start by checking your system files. If you have been unable to get to the Home screen for several days, follow the steps above to go to the Advanced Boot Options menu and then select Troubleshoot> Advanced Options> Command Prompt. Then expand the following command and press Enter to run the System File Checker tool.

 sfc / scannow 

After the sfc / scannow process finishes, restart your computer and see if the error persists. If so, return to the team On the next elevated line as shown above, reproduce the following command and press Enter to run CHKDSK:

 chkdsk C: 

Note. / f In the above command, change the letter appropriately if Windows 10 installation fails on C drive.

When the process is complete, connect your computer to your computer and see if you close the start screen. If the same error persists, return an elevated command prompt as above, copy and paste that specific command below and press Enter to run DISM scan:

 dis / online / cleanup-image / restorehealth 

After completing this process, restart your computer and see if there was a boot error. Still not satisfied, you can try to change later.

3) Check RAM For Bobbin Problems

Consider if there is any evidence that the installed RAM modules are causing this error. To do this, simply open your own and private by deleting one of the quests (if you are using two RAM keys). If your computer starts successfully tWith only a real RAM stick, try swapping each position of the two RAM branches – sometimes problems arise when slightly faster memory is installed.

Also, you will probably run MemTest on both RAM drives. If you confirm that your RAM modules are not causing this error, you can actually move on to the next step.

4) Remove Additional GPU And External Hard Drives / SSDs

This is where you simply decouple all unnecessary processes: extra hard drive, external hard drive, DVD creation, second optical GPU from SLI (or CrossFire setup), non-critical devices. After people take your computer apart to see you, turn on your computer and see if it boots enough. If it starts without new error code 0xc0000221, always reconnect non-essential hardware until the cause is found. This

If the hotfix does not resolve the issue, continue to the next hotfix.

5) Perform A System Restore

You cancause this issue right after inserting windows update. By what reason the performed system restore can determine the problem.

If you don’t have a suitable system restore point, or if one of our procedures failed, you can move on to the next fix.

6) Perform A Fresh Repair Install Of Windows 10

If at this point you are still unable to identify error 0xc0000221, you can install Windows 10 – this can save your files, personal settings, as well as your applications.

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