How To Fix Problems In The System Tray Labview

In some cases, your system may display a message pointing to the Labview taskbar. This problem can be caused by a number of reasons.

Is there some way to minimize the LabVIEW implementation in the taskbar where the lower-right corner of the computer screen is currently located? My application will work most of the time, and I just hope it shows up whenever there are any bugs, as well as some information / reports that I need to see. I did an exhaustive research and asked this question in the morning. Please let us know if you can.

Can a LabVIEW application run as a Windows-only process? Would I say the system starts automatically at boot?

This is done using the LabVIEW API to create the world famous Windows system tray (AKA notification area) with a list of nested products and events. It works with the .NET NotifyIcon class. I found this implementation relevant during development, but continued with my own to implement a few additional specifications that I needed. They

If you are looking for a way to have a working system tray icon for your LabVIEW application, you will find that .NET isreally the right choice. You can try to support commercial Win32 API calls through Shell32.dll Shell_NotifyIcon as suggested here, but what experts often say is difficult to remove directly from LabVIEW. You will also find it very difficult to raise events such as mouse clicks on an icon or menu in LabVIEW. Another option is the total number of ActiveX skins people have created. NI has one with CVI (hosted here too), in general there are others on the Internet that sometimes continue to be free, but sometimes more (random example, random example, drape VI example). ActiveX provides a good API and fixes the problem, but you are limited to the integration available on your site with that particular ActiveX wrapper that wrapper is all about. However, as a new Windows API, .NET provides a very nice, feature-rich, and easy-to-use interface from LabVIEW.

Dynamically swap characters.
Show tooltips.
Create context (list context menu)
Other interesting things:
Events captured by LabVIEW – Structure for special cases. Vplace to allow all events (menu click, tooltip here, double click, icon, etc.) to run my own callback VIs, I let the artist decide which events to write. It is possible that all of these events are dispatched as a LabVIEW event structure as a specific custom NotifyIcon event. See the examples provided to see how this works. The idea is usually that all events are routed to one place and often handled with wood rather than re-turning the fire on at will.
NotifyIcon Event Example.png

Create nested perspective menus. In fact, I found this to be a fun case when it comes to trying out LabVIEW’s new native recursion, so you can skip the menus at your leisure. Yes, but it’s fun and more satisfying than not having the home menus open at all, as pretty much in the ActiveX implementation I’ve tried.
NotifyIcon menus.png

Returns a link to any menu item. To access the compound menus, you can recursively call this password to return witha link to help you with each menu item. Then you can create any direct message or .NET call, change useful properties like Visible as well as Verified. See also options here.
NotifyIcon various examples. PNG

a screw stored in LabVIEW 2009 and it was developed by the .NET 3.5 developers. If you have a different version of .NET try it. I might be surprised if this somehow wasn’t backward / forward compatible.

Installation Instructions: Download by unpacking the user.lib folder and restart LabVIEW.

labview system tray

BUGFIX 04/05/2011 – Certain LabVIEW object references were definitely not closing properly, although the objects themselves were often destroyed. This can lead to a memory gimmick that will become noticeable when creating or modifying many symbol recipes. has been updated to address this issue. Thanks to DSmith for the headache. See DSmith’s comment below for more information.

labview system tray

Follow either the two included examples or the app for instructions on using this API.

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Taca Systemowa Laboratoryjna
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