Tips To Fix LDAP Error

You may encounter an error indicating that LDAP has failed. There are several ways to fix this problem, and we’ll come back to that shortly.

Any ideas what this error is doing? I see an error when selecting Wireshark on the desktop of the Dominion member. The error occurs after starting Netlogon.

Generic Security Service GSS-API Application Programming Interface

BER error: sequence was still expected class: UNIVERSAL (0) primitive tag: 5 unexpected

ldap ber error

[Expert information (warning / incorrect form): BER error: expected sequence, but class: UNIVERSAL base tag (0): 5 was unexpected]

[Severity: Warning]

[Group: defective]

When I try to join my Windows 2012R2 trial and error domain via Services -> SMB -> Active Directory it doesn’t work correctly with:

# tail -f / var / adm / messages (take care of hygiene with regard to timestamping between log entries # 1 and # 2, I would say)

LM Confirmation Level

Unable to contact the distribution center for the desired domain


No KDC responded in my requested scope.


Make sure that if at least one KDC is available (commander or subordinate), the krb5kdc daemon also rushes to the KDC. Check the current /etc/krb5/krb5.conf file for a list of configured KDCs (kdc = kdc-name).

@ gea napp-it ends up using the IP address in the most important statement [realms] / etc / krb5 / krb5 of.conf
Replacing the IP address with the fully qualified domain name for the domain hosting server and smbadm join -u administrator home.lan in the CLI does not resolve the changed issue.

However, after the first try, Kerberos seems to work:
# klist

Parse LDAP Wireshark Packets: bindRequest -> bindResponse -> Success
But is all the LDAP programming you’ve gone through wrong? This is exactly what Wireshark said:

ldap ber error

Finally, no IT theme is generated for the napp-it server, which is specific to the controller domain.

  join home.lan ... it might take a minute ...couldnt help you join the home.lan domainwith AD server: ads.home.lanError, you can set machine passwordPlease refer to the service log for additional information.specific information.  
  17. 7:04:11 July Tanker [idmap ID [458]: 452651 daemon.Adutils: error] ldap_lookup_init failedJuly 19 19:04:30 Tanker smbd [604]: [ID 972153 daemon.error] smbns_ksetpwd: KPASSWD protocol exchange error (new contact with the KDC for the requested zone is not possible)Approximately seventeen July 19:04:30 Tanker smbd [604]: [ID 871254 daemon.error] smbd: Could not connect to home.lan (FALSE)  
  Failed to exchange KPASSWD method (no KDC contact for requested zone)  

Reason: Solution:

Make sure that at least one KDC (master or one slave) is available, or that the krb5kdc daemon is almost certainly running on the KDC. A checklist of configured KDCs can be found in the /etc/krb5/krb5.conf file (kdc is kdc-name).

  Ticket cache: FILE: / tmp / krb5cc_0Default primary: [email protected] term is valid directly from the service principal.07/17/2016 20:41 07/18/2016 06:41 krbtgt/[email protected]        Extend July 24, 2016 to 20:41  
  Password for [email protected]:Authenticated with Kerberos v5  
  Lightweight Directory Access Protocol    SASL buffer length: 67    SASL buffer        GSS-API Generic Application Program amm security service interface            krb5_blob: 050406ff0000000000000000029518538caecf3a1aeeab8ad ...                krb5_tok_id: KRB_TOKEN_CFX_WRAP (0x0405)                krb5_cfx_flags: 0x06, AcceptorSubkey, sealed                    .... .1 .. = AcceptorSubkey: Define                    .... ..1. = Sealed: settled                    .... ... 0 = SendByAcceptor: undefined                krb5_filler: ff                krb5_cfx_ec: 0                krb5_cfx_rrc: 0                krb5_cfx_seq: 693208376                krb5_sgn_cksum: caecf3a1aeeab8ad8272ac722ac802b33b11e005815b181c ...        GSS-API Payload (60 Bytes)            LDAP message                BER error: expected sequence, but primitive class tag: UNIVERSAL (0): 5 was previously unexpected                    [Expert Information (Warning / Failure): BER Error: Pending] Sequence [BER error: pending] Scope [Severity: Warning]                        [Group: invalid format]  

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