Best Way To Fix Multi-user Mdb Won’t Open


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I have a base yesAccess data that is currently configured for any opening (and how the parent folder changes access). Time.

However, users keep giving the error that many people cannot open the file because it has been used before.

The database has been working well for many years, but no changes have been made to its permission structure or the configuration of its files. Everything I read was about giving users permission to convert the database file in the folder it is in and see what has already been done. It would be great if almost everyone had an idea!

You are currently running a Server 2003/2008 R2 hybrid environment (I know we are busy updating it) and the file is on Server 2003. If you need more information, I am at your disposal!

Among the best I could find on other forums, the recommendation is to really split the interface and pin it to a single back in the shared folder that hosts the poker table and customize At the interface using all other forms. , Reports, queries executed locally on the cardholder’s desktop, eg.

On the server, check the NTFS file and share permissions. You must grant precise read, write, modify, and delete permissions. They are shared on the hosting server operating system. Again, it is unlikely that the two reasons can be revealed separately.

It looks like it is open in exclusive mode. Here is the only post from the ms forum. If you try to do this, you will need to link with Program Files (x86) as needed.

Double click how the file is always put into exclusive mode in Windows Explorer. Ask users to use a shortcut that contains the full path and current name of the database file, for example, as follows (change it to Access 97):

But it looks like everyone is using the same database. Your business needs to split the list into a back-end that contains only tables from the shared catalog, and a front-end that contains each step according to the local preferences of each user.body. Multi-user databases that are not corrupted are highly prone to corruption.

When the first most important user opens a style, report, macro, or code, the database is locked only for that person. Starting in Access 2000. Access 2007 also had the ability to open a collection exclusively, and that could be the default for the client. Check out these two possibilities – for this reason we usually allow each user to have their own local backup of queries, forms and reports in a common database structure, where only tables from a specific common database are located.

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  • Applies to:
    Access 2010, Microsoft Office Access 2007, Microsoft Office Access 2003


If you try to open a good reliable database that is on the correct server, you can get a main error message:

Unable to use ; Wash down before use.


If the folder where the database is located does not have create permissions, the Microsoft Jet database engine will not be able to create the actual lock information file. This file was required by several users of your Windows. database. Thus, if the reconciliation file does not yet exist, a site visitor who does not have create rights will only open the database.


mdb multiuser cannot open

To avoid this behavior, make sure all customers opening the database have our read, write, and create permissions for the folder where the system resides.

mdb multiuser cannot open

Also, if you are using a large, secure Access database, make sure that many users of the open website also have read / write permissions on the folder. File containing a workgroup information file (.mdw).

Additional Information

To open broadcast information in mode, the database kernel Microsoft Jet must be able to create a lock information track ( * .ldb or * .laccdb ) in the same directory as the database itself.

For more information on .ldb files, click Microsoft Access Help in the Help Navigation pane, type Access Share Database in the Office Assistant or Answer Wizard, and then click Search to find the displayed content.


Office ProPlus 365 has been renamed Microsoft 365 Business Applications. More information about the update can be found in this blog post .

This text only applies to Microsoft Access databases (.accdb and .mdb). Full visibility of the user interface is required on single-user computers.

  • * .ldb in Access 2003 and here in earlier versions of Access
  • * .laccdb in Access 2007/2010



How do I fix an Access database that won’t open?

Choose our database compression and repair tool to access Open the Access app. Select the “Database Tools” tab. Then select the “Compact and Repair Database” path to apply it to the tab. Then a compact database window will appear where you can select the database file to restore.

How do I open an old MDB file?

Consider purchasing access.Import it into Excel.Use an open source alternative for access.Use the MDS online login service.Please use a third party MDB viewer.Use a text editor.Convert it with access from (someone else).It is this database that is important.

Why MS Access is not opening?

Reason 1. Access to database files over the network is usually blocked. In this case, the Access database files on the network are likely to be locked to everyone. Also hardware and software issues related to the server hosting the database information. This is another case that could potentially lead to the “Access Database Hardly Open” issue.




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