Steps To Fix Openx-mdb2 Error No Such Problem

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MDB2 No Error: Such Field

Time counter has been updated from to 1.5.99. After updating, every time I log in, I get the following new error message: Error MDB2: No such group. Thanks.

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Subject: Error: Mdb2 Does Not Have This Field

adminhp wrote: Updated schedule from, if you need it, to 1.5.99. After updating, when I log in, I receive the following error messages: Error MDB2: There is no such field. Thanks. Error

This means that the required world was not found in the world that includes the tables in your database. Compare your database structure (list of fields and their names) with the mysql.sql file, which you can find when rooting Time Tracker. Pay special attention to the tt_teams tables as tt_users tables as they are used at login.

So should View tables tt_teams and tt_users in version 1.5.102. The tracking_mode and record_type fields were added recently.

  CREATE TABLE `tt_teams` (  `id` int (11) NON NULL auto_increment, time stamp NON NULL,  `name` varchar (80) is NULL by default,  `Address` varchar (255) by default NULL,  Varchar (7) Currency default NULL,  `locktime` int (4) implication '0',  `lang` varchar (10) NON NULL standard 'en',  `date_format` varchar (20) NOT NULL by default '% Y-% m-% d',  `time_format` varchar (20) NON NULL default '% H:% M',  `week_start` smallint (2) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',  `tracking_mode` smallint (2) NOT NULL DEFAULT '2',  `record_type` smallint (2) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',  varchar (255) plugins do not pay NULL,  `custom_logo` tinyint (4) default '0',  `status` tinyint (4) defaults to '1',  PRIMARY KEY (`id`));CREATE TABLE `tt_users` (  `id` int (11) NON NULL auto_increment, time stamp NON NULL,  `login` varchar (50) COLLATE utf8_bin NOT NULL,  `password` varchar (50) by default NULL,  `name` varchar (100) is NULL by default,  integer team_id (11) NOT NULL,  'Role' int (11) default '4',  `rate` float (6,2) NOT NULL default value '0.00',  `email` varchar (100) default NULL,  `status` tinyint (4) defaults to '1',  PRIMARY KEY (`id`)); 
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Subject: Errorlike MDB2: No Such Field

Nick, hello for the answer. I did it in qa after I took the bio, so I went back to and tried again.

After updating the htdocs zeitracker folder and dsn price in WEB-INF config.php, I kept showing the zeitracker / dbinstall.php page and it gave users the following options:
Update database configuration upgrade (from v0.5 to v0.7)
Upgrade the Rule Base (v0.7 to v1.3.3)
Update the system structure (from v1.3.3 to v1.3.40)
Upgrade your storage structure (from v1.3.40 to v1.4.85)
Update system structure (from v1.4.85 to v1.5.79)
Upgrade the config database (from v1.5.79 to v1.5.97)

openx mdb2 error no such field

Since I was on Fairl I started with v0.7, rolled back to v1.3.3 and completely and so it didn’t work, same MDB2 error. Then I restored the snapshot and tried it from 1.3.3, so you got 1.3.40 and below with the same result. I also just tried doing from v1.5.79 to v1.5.97 and this time I couldn’t connect. Since my husband and my version is and I am planning to upgrade to 1.5.Stable, what steps will I need after running dbinstall.php? In some cases, when starting the first updateWhen I run my routine, I get the error MDB2: There is no specific field of this type when I log in after this update.

You are absolutely correct about the structure of the data warehouse tables, they are different. Users have now been replaced with more tt_users and tables.

openx mdb2 error no such field

Tables for recording time before update:
mysql> Log Usage Time
Modified database
mysql> display tables;
+ ———————— +
| Tables_in_timetracker |
+ ———————— +
| Activities |
| Activity_bind |
| Activity log |
| tracks |
| Company |
| Invoice header |
| Projects |
| report_filter_set |
| sysconfig |
| tmp_refs |
| user_bind |
| Surfer |
+ ———————— +
12 sets per set (1.12 sec.)

mysql> record training time;
Modified database
mysql> display tables;
+ ————————- +
| Tables_in_timetracker |
+ ————————- +
| tt_client_project_binds |
| tt_clients |
| tt_config |
| tt_custom_field_log |
| tt_custom_field_options Tt_custom_fields |
| |
| tt_fav_reports |
| tt_invoice_headers |
| tt_invoices |
| tt_log |
| tt_project_task_binds |
| tt_projects |
| tt_tasks |
| tt_teams |
| tt_tmp_refs |
| tt_user_project_binds |
| tt_users |
+ ————————- +
Create 17 lines (0.03s)

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Subject: Error: No Such Field

So if logging in after the upgrade is not a problem, try changing the OLD_PASSWORD value in your own config.php to 1:

Steps to upgrade time counter from 1.3.28. Until the latest version 795, this is exactly what it is now

– Save the list, keep the old code (including the old config.php file).
– Remove the previous code for a clean list. Deploy your new system there.
– Enter permissions for WEB-INF / templates_c (chmod 777 Unix).
– Create untreated config.php by making a copy of config.php.dist in the new version. Then check it out and at least change the DSN (and other guidelines if necessary – I think OLD_PASSWORDS applies to you).
– Now open the public dbinstall.php file in your browser and start with the following 9 steps:
– Upgrade the database structure (from v1.3.3 to v1.3.40). Update – (you will see some inconsistencies in the output here, this is ok for your 1.3.28 type).
– Update your database structure (v1.3.3 to make sure you have installedversion v1.3.40) – Update the company (here and below there should be no errors when updating a day after the following steps).
– Update the structure of the database (from v1.3.40 to v1.4.85) – Update
– Update your database structure (v1.3.40 from v1.4.85) – Team_id
– updating the database structure (v1.4.85 to v1.5.79) – updating
– Update the structure database (v1.5.79 back to v1.5.-97) Update
– Upgrade database structure (from v1.5.79 to v1.5.-97) upgrade clients
– Update database structure (from v1.5.79 to v1.5.97) – Update custom fields
– Update the list of structures (from v1.5.79 to v1.5.97) – Update the watch mode
– Now open the Time Tracker app in your browser and make sure the entire version in the footer is up to date. If membership works at this stage, assuming OLD_PASSWORDS has been set in config.php.

If you need help, you can also contact support.

  v1.3.4.- 731 May 13, 2011    A custom parameter OLD_PASSWORDS has been added to config.php to allow users to control password management in legacy environments. 
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Subject: MDB2 Error: No Such Field

I just ran a quick test by installing Time Tracker and then updating to the latest

ALL the steps in dbinstall.php (from “Updating the client base structure (v1.3.3 to v1.3.40)”) and everything else below were done for me without error. See the following screenshot under the first replacement step. After completing all the upgrade steps, I was able to log in with the previous account to upgrade the version.

So if you see the human step “Update database structure (v1.3.3 to help you with v1.3.40)” on errors, then something is wrong. If you need to post a screenshot of any slippage that you see in the cute first step in a series of updates, I can look at the real code to see what might happen here.

Screenshot of the download step in the option of updating the time tracker from 1.3.28 to 1.3.40.
time_tracker_update_1.3.28_to_1.3.40.png (64.42 KiB) 9033 views

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