Fix Webmail Plesk Failed

If you see a “plesk webmail not found” error message on your computer, read these troubleshooting tips.

In today’s business world, accessing email via a web browser is a smart convenience.

Webmail is a webmail feature that allows users to publish and receive email from anywhere.

plesk webmail not found

But errors such as “Plesk Webmail is not working”, youAre giving you problems. This daunting task arises for several reasons: DNS timeouts, lack of DNS documents, etc.

Today we will see how all of these support specialists have resolved issues such as “plesk not working” and some related issues.

How Can I Maintain Webmail Access To Plesk?

How do I enable webmail on Plesk?

Log in to Plesk.Go to Tools & Settings> Webmail.Select the required main webmail client and click the Activate Type button:

As our team knows, webmail is used to validate the review of emails through a web browser. This way, webmail comes in handy when you’re on the go and your computer has regional IP restrictions.

2. Click “Mail” and also find an account for accessing webmail, then click the “Webmail” icon.

3. On the webmail subscription sheet, enter your username and email address.

However, Plesk webmail usually fails with errors such as “ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED” or “404 not found.”

Of course, let’s take a look at how the support specialists solve the “Webmail doesn’t always work in Plesk” problem.

Why Should It Read “Webmail Is Not Working In Plesk”?

Let’s start with the reasonsleading to webmail errors in Plesk, one by one.

1. Mail Processing Is Disabled

In most cases, a permanent error occurs when an email disables a service on the Plesk web hosting server. This usually happens when users change their webmail settings for one of our domains.

2. DNS

Similar Problem

One of the reasons webmail is not available to the browser is because of email (or domain) migration. After the domain migration, we need to update the DNS zone in order to register the point with the update server. Since DNS propagation can take up to 48 hours, a webmail link will report remediation errors.

The Third Redirect Is Not Actually Defined

Often users add an SSL certificate to this domain for security reasons. However, it is possible that the server has activated the correct redirection rules for webmail. It can also receive inaccessible webmail.

How We Fix The “Webmail Is Not Working In Plesk” Service

It’s time to take a close look at how our tech team p Solves the problem “Webmail does not work in Plesk”.

How do I find my Plesk SMTP server details?

Log in to Plesk.Go to Tools & Settings> External SMTP Server.Disable the setting Use web mail server installed with Plesk and traditional mail account created by Plesk.Configure the settings for the external USB SMTP server.

Recently, one of our clients reported a problem to us. The webmail also reported the error “This website is not available.” The client has configured the Plesk control panel on the server.

Let’s see how our support engineers solved the “Webmail is not working in Plesk” issue by following these steps.

1. First, we check that the domain name is for setting the correct IP address.

2. Check when I have verified that the domain name is being managed correctly.

3. After that, we analyzed whether the MX record was allowed, which the IP can fix. Sorry, I got a special error message “Unknown: No response from server”.

4. So our staff actually added an “A-Record” for mail.domain in the DNS zone of the domain.

5. Typically, DNS propagation takes up to 48 hours. We just asked our client to wait until it was fully distributed.

6. After the new credential, the client was able to successfully access the webmail.


Similarly, you can fix webmail errors due to website disconnectionthat email. We log into the Plesk control panel and enable the mail service on the domain under Mail> Mail Accounts> Mail Settings.

To clean up redirects, our dedicated engineers add the most appropriate rewrite rules for email links. To solve this problem in Plesk, I edit the /usr/local/psa/admin/conf/templates/custom/webmail/webmail.php file and improve the corresponding rewrite rules. Then reconfigure this configuration for all domains using the main command:

  / usr / local / psa / admin / sbin / httpdmng --reconfigure-all  

Are you having trouble accessing Plesk Webmail? We anticipate a broken link in you.]

plesk webmail not found



In short, it is often easy to access email through an entirely new webmail system such as webmail. Today we saw how our support engineers fixed the Plesk webmail not working issues and made them work.


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How do I set up Plesk email?

Go to email.Click Create Email Address.Enter the left side of this email address before the @Auto for Sale sign. If your account has multiple region names, select the domain name under which the corresponding email address will be generated.Please enter an external USB email address.Do not clear the Mailbox checkbox.

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Nie Znaleziono Poczty Internetowej Plesk
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Plesk Webmail Nicht Gefunden
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Webmail Do Plesk Nao Encontrado
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Plesk Webmail Niet Gevonden
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