How To Manage Keyboard Remapping In Windows Vista?

Over the past few days, some of our users have reported that they have encountered keyboard remapping in Windows Vista.

Download and install Microsoft Keyboard and Mouse Center.Connect your keyboard because you want to customize it.Click the Start button and then select Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center.From the collection of key names that appears, select the value you want to reassign.

When you get tired of working with certain keys in your personal system, you can use the free utilityI use SharpKeys to remap functions of another kernel. This is how it works.

In many cases, you can remap keys in the most extreme way, using a registry hack like the one we are looking at to disable uppercase locking. But why go the hard way; there is an easier and free way to get there. This is where SharpKeys come in. It is a small software application that manages all the important factors and registry values ​​for you, and provides a simple interface for people to map individual keys to others – or even disable methods – without having to maintain a registry. Key remapping is great for making your keys work the way you want them to. It is also especially useful if you are running after Windows in BootCamp on your Mac in conjunction with Opt / Cmd policies that have not yet translated properly into Windows keys.

We only tested SharpKeys with Windows 10, 7, 8 and Vista and they all work fine. Note, however, that most of the exact keys publicly available for remapping will be forhang from your computer. For example, if you are using the best multimedia keyboard with extra volume, mime, and play / pause buttons, they should show up as SharpKeys up.

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Check the latest version of SharpKeys first on the online release page. You can download and install it by entering the main MSI file or as a standalone application in the zip file. Either way, use SharpKeys when you’re ready.

How do I reassign my keyboard keys?

Launch in a device session window.Click Edit> Preferences> Keyboard, or click the Reassign buttons in the toolbar.Click the Key Mapping tab.Select a category.Select the role that users want to assign the item to.Click Assign Key.

In the main window of the TV series, you have access to everything that you have already assigned. If you start from scratch, your site won’t list anything. Click the Add button to create a new master mapping.

In the key mapping window, look at the two lists. The list on the left contains the key whose behavior you want to change – the “de” key. The matching list is the new behavior that you want to adopt – the To button. Select the key you want to remap on the left and the key you want to remap on the right, then also click OK.

remapping keyboard in windows vista

ZdesI am replacing the scroll lock button I never use with caps lock button. After that, I will disable all the lock buttons so that I don’t accidentally press them. But we will come back to this in your time

remapping keyboard in windows vista

If this is easier for you than just scrolling through the lists, you will probably also hit the Enter Key button that appears in one of the lists, and then press the key you want to change.


SharpKeys can also disable the breakpoint with little or no action. Select the key you want to deactivate from the list on the left (“From” list). Select the Disable Top Key entry on the right and click OK.

When you are finished remapping keys and return to the main SharpKeys window, click the Write to Registry button to confirm the changes.

SharpKeys will no doubt tell you that you need to exit For-PC or restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

After restarting your computer, the key remapping should be complete. Keyboard

Your keys Some functions will need to be re-executed. These include Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Home, Page Up, Page Down, etc. One of the benefits you can get is the user experience. While I’m interested in some buttons like capital letters and navigation, I don’t think the Home, Previous Page, or Next Page buttons need to be duplicated. So, in this information, I’m going to reassign the override methods for one of these property keys (or another to help you) and reassign every feature of your add-on to your Windows PC. Also use these website shortcuts to get to your favorite personal pages faster.

For example, you can simply open a workstation directly using a specific Home button. Now you no longer have to put on tenacious hands to hold the mouse and open the desired option on your own. Below are the steps to follow. But before you do this, prepare the important notes mentioned below. In this context, also pay attention to the tipsto create custom shortcuts for various application windows.

Key Remapping: Why Choose A Third-party Application Over The Standard Windows Registry Editor?

How do I reassign my keyboard Windows?

Usually, in the keyboard manager settings, we press “Reassign best key”. When the Keyboard Remap window appears, click the plus sign (+) to add a new keyboard mapping. Then you need to define which key you want to remap directly (in the “Key:” column), and also which key or key combination you want to execute (in that “Mapped to:” column).

You can follow the steps to remap keys in Windows simply by changing some values ​​in the Registry Editor. But the steps are actually tricky and can lead to inapplicable errors. Take this as a prime example. If you are in no doubt that you want to disable the Caps Lock function, you should go to the previous location:

 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE  SYSTEM  CurrentControlSet  Control  Keyboard layout 

Then we have, if you want to modify the ScanMap code file, which has the following meaning, where 3a is the Caps Lock scan code.

 "Scancode card" = hex: 00.000,00,00,00,0,00,00,020,00,00,00,00,3a, 000,00,00,00,00 

The four bold zeros before 3a represent the characteristic that I will actually successfully assign it to. Since we are deactivating its element, hence the value 00.00. On the other hand, 3a, 00, although in italics, is the method code in which we reassign (in windows where you can sometimes enable secure connection), whichThe other is in this capital letters dilemma. Then save it as a separate disable_capslock.reg file and combine it with the larger original ScanMap file.

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