Best Way To Fix Internal Image Playback Error Rep-69

In recent days, some readers have encountered a known bug with rep-69 internal error when reading an image. This problem can occur due to many factors. Let’s look at them now.

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    face SALVATION,
    rep-69 internal error reading the image

    I’m with some kind of mistake, something strange. I don’t know what happened.
    I am working with on oracle forms devsuite 10g for reporting.
    Reports are run and displayed in the print box to boxes by and print report providers. It also prints on HP Laserjet via Reports Builder.

    Now we have bought new laser printers each Canon 2420L. While you’re at work, we’re running a report on what the faucet is trying to print, and there is
    from that printer.internal error rep-0069 in oracle reports in addition to
    rep-57054 The current job was aborted due to a NULL error. There are

    I tried to print, but I get the same error.

    When asked by a Canon service provider, they said that each software should be individual.

    Is there a connection to a printer to print the proposed report, does it work with flawless line printers. Is there anything that includes batch printing of oracle reports that is only for printing on online printers and not available for laser printers?

    I am using Oracle DB and Suite Developer 10g on a windows machine. I made a big report , and it works in a great report builder and will send you a printer with terms from distribution, although it prints an overview, it is in landscape orientation. I have swapped these sizes in the h2 tags, main and trailer sections as the org report requires landscape orientation (which is exactly what I used in the assertion files for orientation) and I have already tried to change it to landscape orientation on the page FILE… setup. (although whenever I use the file method it always defaults to the portrait part)

    The main problem is that it can be printed in landscape mode, but the credit report data still looks like it has been cropped, as if it were a portrait, and therefore only half of the report is printed. And when I try to enter an email file, or it just gives an internal error. (Note that I’ve always had to work with PDFs and emails in the past)

    REP-0069: Internal error
    REP-57054: Current Task Completed: completed with Internal Error
    rep-536870981: error
    REP-62204: InternalCrash when writing your own BandCombine image: The part matrix string does not have an actual number of entries, should be OpImage.getExpandedNumBands(source0.getSampleMode(), source0.get ERROR –then GOES PAGE, continue…
    REP-0069: Impossible internal error
    rep-0002: whether to get a string from the file type Report Message Builder.

    I really understand any suggestions on how I can find and ignore such reports – I usually save new changes every time I change something because I don’t know how to save your layout when you open the report wizard so you can change something or if something goes wrong, I always have to start all over again, because it’s not always easy to go back?

    I printed it on the background and the borders look better even though I said the file still doesn’t print

    1.Add the location of the RDF/JSP report type to the REPORTS_PATH, this report specification is in. enter Or source directory in rwserver der.conf.

    The file is in the following

    $DOMAIN_HOME/reports/bin/reports directory: .sh

    Configuration file rwserver.Se in directory:

    For the nextstandalone report server:

    For hosts in (for example, the rep_wls_reports_hostName process):

    2. WLS_REPORTS, Restart so the report server or hosting will be used for the changes to take effect.

    1. Add the location of the RDF/JSP report to which the reports_path will be included in the reports.Paste or paste the source directory in rwserver set.conf.

    2. Restart WLS_REPORTS and the current Order Analysis Server for the changes to take effect.


  • REP-3000: Oracle Toolkit internal error.

    Hello everyone

    We get this error when we try to create a report in XML format.

    ORCL/Oracle/ORA/8.0.6/guicommon6/TK60/admin/Tk2Motif_UTF8. RGB

    XENVIRONMENT is set to /orcl/oracle/ora/8.0.6/guicommon6/tk60/admin/Tk2Motif_UTF8.And rgb

    nls_lang NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS Variables:
    environment American_America.UTF8


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  • REP-3000: Oracle Toolkit.Can internal error

    Throughout the context file, I see that the display value is simply set to the correct server web hostname.

    I couldu access the server simultaneously with putty s.

    iwhen the value is displayed

    Xterm Xt Error: Failed to open display: 0.From 0
    Backup server IP
    I can’t open the window because I can access it via PuTTY.< /p>< p>About ok.

    rep-69 internal error reading the image

    Application example Version
    DB version – 11.2.0.OS – 1
    IBM AIX 6.1 system

    Please suggest

    Thanks Guess


    I usually don’t. I need to create something from the /usr/tmp/XMLTEMP.Y directory. This does not document a metal link to set up a report for a real XML editor.< /p>

    Thank you

    Correction. You need to create this directory, but make sure your native application (applmgr) can create drafts in this directory. If you want to change the location to a second directory, see

    Editor reports are Xml themselves and then corrupted after cloning [ID 1189764.1].

    Thank you


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    Rep 69 Blad Wewnetrzny Odczytu Obrazu
    Rep 69 Interner Fehler Beim Lesen Des Bildes
    Rep 69 Internt Fel Nar Bilden Lastes