How Do I Fix A Sims 2 Body Shop Not Working Anymore?

How to fix Windows crashes

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    In some cases, your computer may display an error message stating that the Sims 2 body has stopped working. This error can be caused by a number of reasons.

    # 1 06/19/2016

    I had problems with where to post this, but since there will definitely be a lot of error lines here, I think this is a good place to post.

    So, a few weeks ago I bought a new Ultimate Sims 2 collection and used a body shop. But today I also have a body shop, and I open this black screen now, and then when I go into it, it gives me the value “The application has crashed, this application is now closing.” I tried to run it as administrator but that didn’t work either. Also pay attention to this setting because compatibility with Windows XP service packs does not work.
    I cleared your current caches because I was told in some forums that they are easily corrupted. But that didn’t work either.

    sims 2 body shop has stopped working

    I am determined to do even more work on CSbin SP9 for Windows. I have an original game, can it change anything? I’m not surprised if that’s the case, but you’ll never remember ^ – ^

    The Bodyshop file added to my Documents folder is attached so that the post office will let you know when it’s done, what’s going on with my husband and mine.Workshop.

    # 2 06/20/2016

    It’s likely that the graphics rules, not to mention the graphics card files, sometimes need to be updated for a workshop.

    When you log into your game, come back with the creation of -config-log.txt, which almost certainly tells me which graphics card users are using.

    Then I can tell you which Tarot Card and Videocard.sgr files to have and where to put them.

    When you answer, click the “Full Editor” button to attach the actual text file below.

    # 3 06/20/2016

    I’m not entirely sure if they’re really needed as a body shop, because I think the program isn’t all that connected if you want to use The Sims 2, but if so, here’s what customers are looking for:

    sims 2 body shop has stopped working

    # 4 06/20/2016

    Homecrafter is just not related to Sims2, but Bodyshop as is usingThere is a header configuration to set it up – perhaps the csconfig folder is definitely important. Cas does the same in the game.

    Program Files (x86) Origin Games Fun with Pets SP9 TSData Res Config
    Program Files (x86) Origin Games Fun with Pets SP9 TSData Res CsConfig

    Download these two files, unzip these items into folders.
    Graphic Rules.sgr – Intel
    .Sgr- Intel – 0166 video card

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  • # 5 06/20/2016

    It seems like it didn’t usually happen. I installed both files in both passes, but unfortunately in my first post I described the same problem. Opening the path for the workshop: G: Origin games The Sims Steam Ultimate Collection Fun with Pets SP9 CSBin

    I also put my game on a separate hard drive where I usually put all my games because my own hardware takes up most of the space. But does it have anything to do with the fact that it doesn’t work? I’ve seen a lot of people say that Bodyhop might no longer work for them when they “split” the rest of the Sims 2 collection instead of discs.

    How does The Sims 2 Body Shop work?

    The Body Shop is a weapon that comes with The Sims. He is officially known by CaSIE (independent editor of Create-A-Sim). It can be used to create entire sims as there is custom content for sims as well. Custom content and Sims created in the Indoor Body Shop can be placed using Create A Sim, depending on the game.

    But I think to start working From the point I can think of, because that is the only place from which the body can work.

    # 6 06/20/2016

    You can send me the config-log.txt file because I will see if the changes were accepted or not.

    The location of the game files should have nothing to do with whether it works or not. Assuming you just installed it, it will show up in the registry wherever you installed it.
    this is the right place to escape the workshop.

    Also, are you definitely going to be doing this with CC right now? Once you prove it, you can delete it while we fix the problem, this will make it easier to fix it again.

    Is Sims 2 still supported?

    At one time, The Sims 2 was probably available on Origin, but got rid of it in late 2017. EA stopped serving The Sims 2 around 2014, but made it easier for players to donate to whomever I received a digital copy of The Sims 2 through Origin, the latest collection update.

    # 7 06/20/2016

    I took out the DC and left it on for about 44 minutes (since I was watching the show). It didn’t work anyway and gave the same end results as I explained in the 1st post with the same error.I followed these tips from a niche on MTS:
    Unfortunately, the work did not come either.

    How do you open The Sims 2 Body Shop?

    Launch The Sims ™ 2 Body Shop.Choose Build Sims from the top picks.Select the Sims Pack.Select the Sim you want to share.Select Package Sim to File.Give your Sim a name and description.Select Accept.A. The Sims2Pack file will most likely appear on your desktop under the main name Sims.

    Same! I think I have a link to what this is about. I think I need to reinstall Sims 2 or 3 myself, as I am getting a better error message that says Sims 2 is no longer installed on this system or some necessary files have been removed. This Expansion Pack requires Sims Stage 2. Please arrange two Sims before running this app. “This, of course, cannot be, because you should not have the base game, but I do.
    So I will reinstall the game and criticize it if it works ^ – ^ If the following did not help, I will also provide you with the configuration log where you asked me the question. ^ – ^

    # 8th 06/20/2016

    Looks like The Sims Relocation has put the best collection back on track! thanks @celebkiriedhel for trying to help me out ^ – ^ strange how simplest preventable measures are solved t the problem of any problem.

    1. -config-log. From txt to the logs folder in our own My Documents EA The Sims2 Click “Full Editor” to attach the SMS file.
    2. Your operating system.
    3. What is the actual condition This is – will display an image showing the problem (optional) and any accompanying text files that should normally appear (optional), as well as a specific description of what happened and the methods you were waiting for.

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