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Hope this user guide can help you if you notice the Windows win32 installer downloadable.

g.Refer to the “Released Windows Installer Versions” section to determine which products ship the versions of a particular Windows Installer. The redistributable version update package will be available after the release of the lotion that comes with the safe version of Windows Installer.




Windows Installer 4.5 and earlier is available as a separate redistributable software update. See Section Released Windows Installer Versions to determine which products typically ship with Windows Installer versions. A post-release package that is available after the release of products that ship with a secure version of Windows Installer becomes Redistributable.

Obtaining Windows Installer Redistributable (4.5 And Earlier)

How do I fix Windows Installer package?

Reboot all computers. Restarting Windows can resolve various issues, including Windows Installer package errors.Update Windows.Update Windows WordPress.Run Wed Windows troubleshooting guide.Rebuild my application.Reset the application.See, reinstall the app.Disable some startup applications.

Install Windows Installer Redistributable Package (4.5 And Earlier)

The included Windows Installer.5 Redistributable Package is for Windows Vista, not to mention Windows Server 2008 operating systems, as an .msu file and must include the Offline Installer for Windows Update (Wusa.exe .)

Windows Installer 4.5 Redistributable Package for use with Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 can be installed on systems with command line syntax and the following parameters.

Windows Installer 3.1 and Windows Installer 3.0 can install redistributable files using the following syntax and command line parameters.


Use the following syntax to install the Windows Installer 4.5 Redistributable Components on Windows XP, Windows, and Server 2003.

    [ ] * 

Comanbottom Line For Each Parameter

The Windows Installer Redistributable Software Extension Packs use the following case-insensitive command-line switches.

Option Description
/ norestart Prevents the redistributable package from prompting the user to reboot, even if they had to override the formats that were used during installation. If a package update is called very strongly with this option, it will return ERROR_SUCCESS_REBOOT_REQUIRED if new files in use need to be retrieved.
If it didn’t need to catch up with the files it uses, it would return ERROR_SUCCESS. See Notes for more information on late restarts.
/ calm For applications that distribute Windows Installer as part of a bootstrap application. The custom docking station (UI) does not need to be specially presented. The bootloader application must check the return code to see if a reboot is required to complete the installation Windows installer.
/ help Displays help for all available options.

Delayed Restart In Windows Vista And Windows 2008

The / norestart server parameter prevents wusa.exe from restarting the computer. However, it might use an updated file from the actual MSU package that doesn’t apply after the package if you need the computer until the user restarts the computer. This means that users using the Windows Installer 4.5 Redistributable for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 will not be able to use the Windows Installer 4.5 feature until the computer is restarted.

Delayed Restart In Windows XP And Also In Windows Server 2003

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It is definitely a good idea to stop the Windows Installer service using a service pack at this point. When someone’s package runs in full UI mode, it detects if the Windows Installer service is running and prompts the user to leave the company. If the user continues to not smoke the service, the update will replace the installation window.

Filling applications using common redistributables A package for installing Windows Installer along with another application may require an additional system reboot if you need to restart the installer application. The delayed restart option is only recommended in cases where it is often necessary to avoid an additional restart of the PC caused by the installation of these files that are still in use. Developers need to subscribe to someone in their installer application to use the delayed restart option.

  • Access all redistributable packages using the / norestart switch.

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  • Call msiexec on the application package and use the installation code specific to each application. If the installer is measuring MsiInstallProduct , it must contain 100 MSI.DLL files from the system directory. If it does not restart and the redistributable returned ERROR_SUCCESS_REBOOT_REQUIRED, prompt the user to restart to finish configuring the Windows Installer binaries. Almost no need on restartno additional steps are required.


    Applications that select LoadLibrary in the MSI with a new DLL will see the redistributable return a successful request, which ensures that an older version of MSI.DLL has not yet been loaded during the process. If an older MSI DLL was loaded, it must be unloaded from the process address space before calling LoadLibrary on the new MSI.DLL.

  • Read from 5 to seconds

No redistributable files are available for Windows Installer 5.0. This is the version associated with the operating system in Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 R2 and later client / server versions (including Windows 10).

Applications link to this LoadLibrary in the new MSI.DLL after the redistributable returns a positive result, ensuring that the old MSI.DLL has not yet been loaded into the process. If the good old MSI DLL was loaded, it should be unloaded from our own process address space before calling LoadLibrary on the new MSI.DLL.



How do I remove Windows Installer virus?

STEP 1. Remove Windows version installer adware using AdwCleaner from Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.STEP 2: Uninstall the Windows Internet Hijacker Installer version using the Unwanted Software Removal Tool.STEP 3. Remove the Windows version installer pop-up virus with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free.

What is a 32-bit installer?

32-bit package generated using only 32-bit Windows Installer cookies and requiring Intel Benefits to be entered in the Platform field for the Model Summary property. For more information, see Windows Installer for 64-bit Operating Systems and Windows Installer Packages for 64-bit.




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