How Do I Fix The Wii Remote Charger Troubleshooter?

You may see an error message indicating that the wii Remote Charger can be repaired. Coincidentally, there are several ways to solve this problem, so we will do it soon.

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    If your Wii Remote won’t charge or turn on/doesn’t hold a charge, you can check the battery by critically pressing the sync button. If you know that 4 lights are flashing, your battery is often fully charged. A blinking light indicates the lowest battery level, and you may also need to replace the batteries in the Wii Remote.

    Why won’t my Wii Remote turn on with new batteries?

    If you have batteries, new ones that usually make good connections in this Nintendo Wii Remote, but the virtual remote still won’t turn on, there may be a bad connection on the power button. The connection between the level knob and the motherboard can usually be dirty, preventing the remote from turning on.

    How do I know if my Wii Remote is charging?

    Through the HOME menu wii From the Home button menu, select From Wii Remote Settings. The battery level of all paired Wii Remotes is displayed along with btm. Four bars indicate a full charge, one of which is the least expensive charge.

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  • Updated September 22, 2017

    troubleshooting wii remote charger

    Nintendo comes standard with the wii Wii Remote with motion detection technology,allowing you to control movement in all Wii games. To support this motion control, the controller is wireless and runs on two “three” or “AA” batteries. With it, you can buy the perfect stand-alone remote charging kit and never run out of charge. If you’re having problems with your Wii Remote Charger, you may need help troubleshooting.


    Charge batteries before using them for the first time. Although rechargeable batteries usually come with a small charge, they should be fully charged before use.

    Make sure that fully charged batteries are installed in the Wii Remote compartment. You just want regular batteries that never make full contact with the silver-to-silver contact points, unless they’re elemental.

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    Make sure the battery is properly installed in the Wii Remote. If it is upside down and left out the exact and “+” “-” in the right place, the remote doesn’t really work.What

    troubleshooting wii remote charger

    Make sure the Wii Remote is fully inserted into the battery tray adapter while charging. If 12V turns on, it does not charge normally.

    Re-sync the Remote wii with the Wii. If the controller is always on but does not work with the best version of the Wii, press the red sync buttons on the controller and the Wii in order for the console to re-sync my two devices.

    Call your device charger manufacturer’s purchasing department if none of these fixes work. You may have a defective battery in your device or charger and may need a functional replacement.

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      Be aware that due to the fact that it's just glued on, some Wii Remote Chargers may no longer have their sliding surfaces. The one shown in the images is the installation one, so the other plate cover may look different, but it can be easily removed.

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      itemrop=”text”>Turn off the Wii Remote charger and steal the controller.

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