Steps To Fix Wcf Https 404 Not Found

If you find wcf https 404 not found, this user guide can help you.

Okay I have to avoid something very simple because I have been googling for a few days and want dozens of answers from there other than here on SO and actually I CAN’T get this to work, no matter what i tried. The support works fine over pure HTTP.

Here’s our configuration … we’re adding the domain We installed an SSL certificate if this domain was from Thawte, as if we were shutting down an e-commerce site. All books are fine, I can close and it works great.I maintain a VS2008 site, .NET 3.5 on Windows Server R2 2003.

I have added a Silverlight compatible wcf service to my site that I want to successfully communicate with over SSL. If you go via i to svc, the WSDL You Have Created a Reliable Service page will show us what features you can use to create your client as intended. p>

  svcutil.exe https: // ... 

EDIT: I found that the url that appears in the wsdl file relative to svcutil actually points to the typical physical name of the webserver, not just the correct oneth domain. So, I followed the steps in this key facts blog to update the SecureBinding of a website in IIS and purchase the adsutil script. Now all the wsdl files show the correct ssl address, I still get the same error.

Now I tried to attach my Silverlight application to it and it works, and not the sites I read talked about limiting the concept to Silverlight problems by creating a test window and application that should work. Refer to him in particular. Well I did and even tried to access it from a regular Windows application, the service over SSL has an exception that says:

wcf https 404 not found

  System.ServiceModel.EndpointNotFoundException:The endpoints that can accept the message were not tracked at is often caused by an invalid address or SOAP action.For more information, see InnerException Exists When. --->System.Net.WebException: Remote Server Return Error: One (404) Not System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse ()at System.ServiceModel.Channels.HttpChannelFactory.HttpRequestChannel.HttpChannelRequest.WaitForReply (TimeSpan timeout) 

wcf https 404 not found

This is despite the fact that when I amBut I added a service link to the Windows app using the HTTPS scheme, all methods are correctly selected and displayed in Notepad via Intellisense.

Please note that this is a service and does NOT require your current user to log in explicitly. I’ll send custom headers in SOAP envelopes to make sure your current requests are coming from our hands-on application.

Now for the code, I just need to get a little bad vibe because I think it should be a pretty simple exercise. My

First, the college code for the service is decorated with the following sidebars:


The ServiceModel section of my website. In the configuration, the server looks like this:



and ServiceModel section associated with app.config in my Windows iPhone app looks like this:


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Wcf Https 404 Nao Encontrado
Wcf Https 404 Nie Znaleziono
Wcf Https 404 Non Trovato
Wcf Https 404 Introuvable
Wcf Https 404 Nicht Gefunden
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