Help Repair Windows System Restore Disable Windows 7 Error

You may encounter an error code indicating that Windows System Restore is disabled for Windows 7. There are several ways to fix this problem, and we’ll get back to them shortly.

Click on the “Start” button.Click on the control panel.Click System.In the left pane, click System Protection. Enter your administrator password when prompted, or click Next.Click the “Configure” button on the drive where you want to disable System Restore.Select the Disable application protection option.Click OK.

If you really want to save space on multiple hard drives, try reducing the size or just turning off System Restore. We are happy to share with you any options for managing your trusted operating system. This tip should be for readers who live on the sidelines.

Note. Keep the feeling that Windows 7 is provided and that errors, fatal crashes, etc. can happen … and you will not be able to restore your system in an emergency!

Now that all is said, open Control Panel, go to Find All Items and click System. In the next window, I would say, click on “System”, the most important protection link.

The System Properties dialog box opens where you want the system CD to be selected and the Configure button appears.

Under “Recovery options” click “Disable system and protection” and just click “Apply”.

You will receive a confirmation screen confirming that you wantthose deactivate Life on the Edge.

With the large capacity of today’s laptop hard drives, there is no need to completely disable System Restore. However, if necessary, you and your family can consider limiting the associated disk space. If you use this amount of space against each other, the old restore points will most likely be deleted. There will be fewer recovery points due to drains.

Now that you’ve reduced the required space or disk space, it’s time to create a restore point.

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System Restore Cannot Be Enabled As A Local Administrator

Is it OK to disable System Restore?

Disabling System Restore prevents the undo changes. Most likely, disarming him is not a good idea. Click the Start button, select Restore Version, h Then click Create Permanent Restore Point. Do not worry.

How do I permanently turn off System Restore?

Specifically the first way: disable System Restore with a protection solution Then click the link Start> Control Panel> System> System Protection. Enter your administrator password when prompted, or click Next. Step 2. Select the type of disk on which you want to cancel System Restore and click the “Configure” button.

A program user who is logged on as a Windows 7 Ultimate administrator unintentionally disabled Community Recovery while trying to restore the system. After that, some local administrators had to re-enable System Restore and received the notification “System Restore has been disabled by your trusted system administrator.”

Use Group Policy Editor To Fix

windows system restore windows 7 disable

Note. If your system is on a DOMAIN network, contact your domain administrator who can resolve this issue.

Note. If the above option is now set to Not Configured, set the option to On. value “On” and click “Apply”. Then reset the setting to Not Configured and click Apply, OK.

  1. Use the group as the policy editor.
    1. Click Start, type gpedit.msc and press ENTER.
    2. Go to The next branch: Computer Configuration | Administrative Model System | System | Recover
    3. Double-click Disable Configuration and select the Not Configured check box.
    4. Close the Group Policy Editor.
  1. Use my registry editor

    WARNING: The systems listed below contain instructions that will tell you what to change in the registry. However, if the registers are changed incorrectly, acute problems can arise. So make sure you follow these steps perfectly. For added protection, I would back up the registry before modifying it. Then you can restore the registry if something goes wrong. For more information about backing up and restoring the registry, click the appropriate article number to view information in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: 322756 – How to restore the registry in Windows

    1. Click Start, type regedit.exe and press ENTER.
    2. Navigate to the following key points: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software Policies Microsoft Windows NT SystemRestore
    3. Remove the DisableCon namefig
    4. in the entire right area.

    5. Close the current registry editor.
    6. Restart your computer in addition to checking

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How do I get rid of System Restore?

Press Windows Key + R, classify SystemPropertiesProtection and press Enter.Usually go to the “System Protection” tab.Select the drive from which you want to remove recovery points from the plan.Click the Configure button.

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windows system restore windows 7 disable

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