Easy Way To Restore Windows Update Details Window

If you’ve noticed the Windows update information panel, this guide should help.

Go to the expense view. In the Zones group, click the Details Pane button to protect or deactivate the Details Pane. You can also right-click the Details button on the Ribbon and choose Add to Quick Access Toolbar.

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How do I change the details pane in Windows 10?

Activate the detail area Otherwise, click the View tab, then click the Details box in the Window panel. To move the details pane to the bottom of the explorer window, select the Show details below check box in the Appearance section of the OldNewExplorer configuration dialog.

This letter explains how to get updates for Windows Update on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 2012 Server R2.

Applies to: Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 7 SP1
Original Knowledge Base Number: Steps 3067639

Details For Windows 8.1 And Windows 2012 Server R2

How do I get rid of the details pane in Windows 10?

How to show or hide the detail region using a keyboard shortcut In File Explorer, press Alt + Shift + P to make sure you show and hide some of the details panels.

  1. Swipe up from the edge of the screen grid, but tap Search. Or, if you’ve proven to be using a mouse, move the pointer over the lower-right corner of your computer screen and select Search.

  2. In the search box, enter Windows Update followed by Water Filters or select Windows Update.

  3. In the Requirements section, selectRun Checks and Updates and wait while Windows checks for the latest updates for your best computer.

  4. If you see a message that does tell you that critical or optional updates are actually available, or asks you to read critical or optional article updates, select any message view for updates that you can install.

  5. From the list, select the search box for updates someone wants to install under Important or even Optional, and then click, or more specifically, click Install.

Windows 7 SP1 Detailed Instructions

  1. Click Start, type your message in the search box, click Windows Update in the list of purchase results.

  2. In some detail pane, click Check for Improvements, and then wait while Windows features wait for the latest updates on your computer.

  3. If you see a message about the availability of important or additional features, or when you need to check the availability of yourFor any necessary or additional updates, click the message with your mouse to see the updates that need to be installed.

  4. In the picklist, select the check boxes for the updates you want to install, click OK, and then click Install Updates.


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Windows Explorer is a special file browser used to view and manage drivers, versions, and files on your computer. Windows Explorer is present in all versions of Microsoft Windows since Windows 95. Microsoft recently updated File Explorer in general with new features such as drag and drop, improved right-click support, a preview window, improved copy and paste, and a new Explorer broadcast search. And Windows 10 allows users to activate different areas in File Explorer. These preview panes include a pane, a navigation pane, and a details pane. This improves the user experience. In a separate article, we will analyze how to act Tweak the details pane in File Explorer in different ways.

Activate The Details Pane In The File Explorer:

The explorer details pane allows you to view information about initiators or folders. This information may differ from the file option you selected. You will likely enable Disable or Details Panel in File Explorer in three unusual ways.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts:

What is the details pane in Windows?

As you can see in detail, you can use the details pane to find additional information about each file, for example: The data fields displayed in this area differ from file to file.

With a keyboard shortcut, you can certainly easily activate Details-Lite in the file explorer. This method is now the easiest and fastest way to activate. Click

Now Alt + Shift + P. This immediately reveals the detail area on the right.

Using The Browse Menu In The File Explorer:

Open File Explorer by pressing Windows + E and choosing Show Tab.

Activate The Details Pane Using The Registry Editor:

Note. Editing the registry is risky and can cause irreparable damage to your operating system installed on this phone. Follow the instructions correctly. Before creating a restore point It is advisable to show goodwill for changes.

Open Run With Windows + R Important, type Regedit and press Enter. This command opens the publisher registry.

  HKEY_CURRENT_USER  SOFTWARE  Microsoft  Windows  CurrentVersion  Explorer  Modules  GlobalSettings  

Once you follow that particular path below the left, expand the GlobalSettings registry key and then look for the DetailsContainer registry factor (if it doesn’t exist, create it) and look at it on the right to see the detailsContainer binary value. …

If you can’t validate the binary value, right-click to select New> Don’t Mention Binary Value and even name it DetailsContainer.

Then double click on the DetailsContainer binary value and change the value as shown below.

 Activate: 01 00 00 00 10 00 00 00 
 To disable: 02 double zero 00 00 02 00 50 00 

Then click the Sizer registry key on the left, if it doesn’t exist, consider the same name. On the right, find the DetailsContainerSizer binary value.

If you don’t see a binary value, right-click, select New> Binary Next ”and name it DetailsContainerSizer.

Next Double-click the DetailsContainerSizer bitrate and change the value as described below.

windows update details pane

  To activate: A4 00 01 double zero 00 01 00 00 00 double zero 00 00 84 04 50 00To deactivate: A4 00 01 00 50 00 00 00 00 00 50 00 84 04 00 00 

windows update details pane

These differences may differ depending on the version of Windows. If you compare the ideals, you will see a slight difference between the “On” ratings. And Off. Change the specific bit type when you have a new interesting value.

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Panel Svedenij Ob Obnovlenii Windows
Deelvenster Met Windows Updatedetails
Windows Update Detailseite
Informationsfonstret For Windows Update
Windows 업데이트 세부 정보 창
Okienko Szczegolow Aktualizacji Systemu Windows
Riquadro Dei Dettagli Di Aggiornamento Di Windows
Painel De Detalhes De Atualizacao Do Windows
Volet De Details De Mise A Jour De Windows
Panel De Detalles De Actualizacion De Windows