Fixed: How To Fix Bios Saphir HD 4850 X2

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    Sometimes your system may show a message that the bios is sapphire hd 4850 x2. There can be several reasons for this error to appear.


    I needed time to post a test check out the HIS Radeon HD 4850 I started the day before. I must say that the Radeon HD 4850 OpenGL performs well and as always the vertex processing can be incredibly fast (see the Surface Deformer test). The GPU idle temperature is about 70°C, while under load it reaches 93°C (3-minute test with GPU Caps Viewer Burner).

    See the review of Radeon HD 4850 video cards for the full version.

    Hexus review published Radeon HD 4850 von HIS graphics cards with IceQ4 cooling system. This cooler supports any temperature level. outside 46°C, besides that idle around 58°C under load.

    Read the full review here: HIS Radeon HD 4850 IceQ 4 – is turbox the best a man can get?

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  • SON

    Following 4850 tracks of iceq4

    … To read”

    Here is a set of OpenGL extensions supported by Catalyst 8.9 graphics drivers for Radeon HD 4850 on Windows 32 xp sp2 bit.

    The announcement says that Catalyst 8.9 added phase one support for OpenGL 3.0. But what does it mean? Compared to Catalyst 8.8, Catalyst 8.9 should have (3 OpenGL extensions:

    • GL_AMD_texture_texture4
    • GL_EXT_blend_equation_separate new 1.5)
    • GL_EXT_depth_buffer_float

    GL_EXT_depth_buffer_float usually plays the same role as NVIDIA GL_NV_depth_buffer_float. GL_EXT_blend_equation_separate is 1 opengl.5 and extensible Gl_amd_texture_texture4 is undocumented. But most of the new OpenGL extensions mentioned in release requests are missing from Catalyst 8.9 for Windows XP and Vista. Perhaps AMD/Ati introduced the same idea as NVIDIA somewhere with some kind of OpenGL 3.0 activation (see here). Again here, no documentation. Or to put it simply, AMD is looking to show the whole community what it’s trying to offer with the new major version of OpenGL, but currently all OpenGL 3 extensions are available to developers. Communication is certainly difficult ATI!

    Catalyst Art 8.9, like Catalyst 8.8, always slows down GPU performance when FurMark is detected (see details here and here).

    Graphic Information:
    – drivers: OS Windows XP SP2, 32-bit version
    – from driver: 8.501.0.0 – Catalyst 08.Chain 9
    – ATI catalyst version: 08. Channel 9
    — ati catalyst version 8:.Engine 53-080820a-068898c-ati
    – ATI opengl rendering: Radeon HD
    series- 4800 Driver Rendering Engine: ATI Radeon HD
    series– OpenGL 4800 version: 2.1.7976.Release
    – .GLSL .shading .(language .opengl) .1 .version: ..20
    – Texture Blocks ARB: 8
    – Texture Shader Blocks: Vertex 16
    – textures Pixel shader units: 16
    – textures Geometry Shader Blocks: 0
    – Max texture size: 8192 × 8192
    – Maximum anisotropic filter value: X16.0
    – Maximum sizesprite 8192: 0.0
    – Maximum light dynamics: 8
    – Maximum viewport size: 8192 × 8192
    – Maximum number of unified vertices: no more than 512 components
    –. Components of unified 512
    – Fragments: Max. oscillating float: 68
    – Binding Uniform Max Vertex: 0
    – Maximum Attachable Uniform Fragment: 0
    – Maximum number of bindable geometric uniforms: 0
    – MSAA: 1X
    – MSAA: 2X
    – MSAA: 4X
    – MSAA: 8X

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  • OpenGL plugins: 108 plugins

    Available Driving catalyst Legacy plugins are HERE.
    You can use Viewer-Caps gpu to get a list that refers to your graphics card extensions.

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    sapphire hd 4850 x2 bios

    Is the Radeon HD 4850 X2 better than the Geforce 280 gtx at this price?

    [about this]

    sapphire hd 4850 x2 bios

    Okay, now that I have HIS’ Radeon 4850 hd in my hands, I’ve been practicing with this card and coloring in the natural experience of renaming FurMark to Catalyst 8. (See 8 ATI Catalyst optimizes 8.8 for FurMark test!). shocking Here is the result when I run FurMark.exe: 2234 points

    And now furmark marks die.Qui exe if you change the name to…ati.exe (why not?): 4383 points

    This note is almost double that of the early in. Now this explains the different result I get with FurMark here in this post. ATI: 8 catalyst.8 because 8.7 Drop: OpenGL performance.

    I also have the Catalyst Control Center in the Overdrive panel, if you want to check how the frequencies change:

    The clinical frequencies were similar in both trials. ATI Catalyst 8.8 does not slow down the GPU clock speed, but slows it down, which slows down the GPU file (what does THAT mean???). However, it seems obvious that the Radeon HD 4800 series has very serious temperature problems. Perhaps I could add some kind of heat limiting GPU for the HD Radeon 4800 series. When the temperature goes over 90 degrees on the Radeon HD 4850 and HD 4870, FurMark will stop rendering, or of course the frame will render two out of three, but in fact I really don’t think I will. FurMark is literally a test, but it’s basically a standard OpenGL application. I don’t low-level use code or dOther Radeon rendering paths for GeForce Gold. The same goes for the code injected into the two render channels. And then any OpenGL.0 2 compliant GPU code should be able to handle it if the graphics hardware environment (e.g. aggressive correct memory modules, cooled power MOSFETs, etc.) is well designed and supported graphics are manufactured card by the graphics card manufacturer. The truth is that the Radeon 4850 hd from HIS™ PASSED almost every FurMark test I ran, both at hidden and overclocked frequencies.

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