Mcafee Virtual Technician Installer Stopped Working

Here are a few simple steps that can help fix the problem with the mcafee Virtual Technician installer stopping.

How to fix Windows crashes

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    I’m trying to get MVT to work on my own (http://mvt.mcafee.Or com) via the support page and this happens too:

    – Whenever I try to run mvt, I prefer to completely re-download the .MSI (installation package), which I don’t think should be necessary;

    mcafee virtual technician installer has stopped working

    – I just click Yes everyone on the prompts to get permission to run the program and therefore switch computers, then

    – A few moments after starting the integration with my system, the application also closes and I get the following Windows error message:

    Windows can search the Internet for a complete solution to the problem.
    – Finding solutions to all problems on the Internet

    Signature Issue name:
    Issue event: appcrash app
    MvtApp name:.exe
    Application version:
    Application timestamp: 4bf16c93
    Error module name: Stackhash_88e8
    Error Module Version: 6.1.7600.16559
    Error Module Temp: 4ba9b29c
    Exception Code: Exception Delay: c0000374
    Version: gw990 6.1.7600.2. 0.0.768.Setting ID: 3
    Regional 4105
    Added in: informationen 88e8
    Additional information 2: 88e81a44f0ea6998c00bfdf162f0d4c3
    Additional Information 3: Information 8cd6
    Additional iv: 8cd6523b49p7 >

    The online privacy statement may not be available. Please read our offline privacy statement:

    I’ve also uninstalled and reinstalled – again and again, doesn’t help. I accept offers. Thanks in advance.

    I tried several times to get help using the chat and email options on the support site regarding downloading Virtual Technician, but it also failed when I tried to update it. The log looks like this:

    07-03-2011 Info CUtility, 09:11:13 unable to determine language key for IE Mcfee

    The agent is not running at this time, so I haven’t found any protection. I checked my subscription and feel very good until this October of the year.

    I have no idea why the download stopped at this moment, and the Start does not load at all.

    Obviously, the newly installed MVT on your system is almost older than MVT for sure than 5.5.1.

    Because the result was aboutWhen upgrading from MVT 5 to .5.1, the message “MVT message cannot continue until you restart your computer to complete the McAfee Virtual Technician product upgrade” was displayed. Whether mvt should start automatically after a system reboot.

    Pl. Please provide this information so that we can easily find and fix the problem.

    a) Does MVT start after a reboot, or do you see the same prompt as when you try to start MVT?

    b) What version of MVT is typically installed on your tracking system? The two calculations below for installing the MVT version, which are . Right click on mvtapp.exe and select “Check Properties”, select file tab “Version” for MVT version.

    c) Have you tried then uninstalling MVT and installing 5.5.1 from yes, If then the command line also immediately displayed it. Writes:


    kilavok operating system

    I can't open the security center. I am getting a message due to "Updating your installations"Private Mcafee products. restarting your computer to complete our own update". After 5 consecutive reboots, I still get this message. While fixing this problem, I ran into MVTinstaller. "Install Virtual McAfee Technician" prompt on the installer screen. I get a Windows 6 "Installer" window McAfee Virtual Technician no longer works.Can Windows find a solution to this problem?It doesn't.Further digging found that I have a Mcafee support page for TS100430:

    How to fix Windows crashes

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  • HKey_local_machinesoftwareMcAfeeVolatileMsc


    Error: Access denied

    Please restart the entire computer

    Press any key to continue . . . .

    What do I need to do to get everything working again?

    Any help saved is appreciated

    Have you downloaded the depot patch to your desktop? You don’t need to run the patch from the website. You run the fix from the desktop.

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