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  • 5 histograms
    • 5.1 Histogram classes
    • 5.2 Creating histograms
    • 5.3 Tray numbering
    • 5.4. Filling histograms
    • 5.5 Random numbers and histograms
    • 5.6 Addition, division and multiplication
    • 5.7 Forecasts
    • 5.8. Drawing histograms
    • 5.9. Copying a histogram
    • 5 of 10. Histogram normalization
    • 5.11 Histograms before/from file recording/playback
    • 5.12 ​​Miscellaneous Operations
    • 5.13. Important note about business results (GetMean, GetStdDev, etc.)
    • 5.14 Alphanumeric container labels
    • 5.15 Histogram Stack
    • 5.16 TH2Poly
    • 5.17. Profile bar graphs
    • 5.18 Isosurfaces
    • 5.19. Implicit 3D Functions
    • 5.20 TPI
    • 5.21 Interface of this histogram
  • The chapter discusses the functionsonal possibilities of histograms of a real class. We will start with one of the new class histogram reviews after providing instructions and examples for histogram functions.

    We’ve placed this chapter before the chapter on charts so you can get started with histograms as quickly as possible. they are usually listed in the description. “Login/Logout”.support

    Histogram Classes

    How to recalculate errors in Th1?

    Performs the operation: = tel this + c1*f1 If TH1::Sumw2 errors are defined (see ), difficulties are also recalculated. Increase tray contents from 1. Continued

    Root histograms in three dimensions. Separate specific curricula for one-dimensional, two-dimensional and therefore three-dimensional classes are planned. Histogram classes are divided into categories, which further depend on the set of possible false values:

  • TH1C, TH2C and TH3C definitely contain one byte per bin (max bin content implies 255)

  • TH1S, TH2S and TH3S contain only one short circuit per tank (maximum number of tanks = 65535).TH2I

  • th1i, and TH3I each cell contains one integer (max cell content = 2,147,483,647).TH2F

  • th1f TH3F and contain models of floating point numbers per bin of precision (maximum 7 digits).

  • TH1D, TH3D th2d and gives you double per bin = (maximum 14 digit precision).

  • ROOT also supports histograms, which are in most cases an elegant replacement for 2D histograms. Package. Profile histograms, on the other hand, use mappings for all means of Y, and they have an RMS value for each bin in X. When y is unknown but is still a function of approximation to the value of X, this task has a higher priority. precision one in the given profile histogram, one than in the propagation plot.

  • TProfile: 1D profiles

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  • TProfile2D Second: measurement profiles

    Histogram classes associated with a class hierarchy
    root cern th1f error

    All ROOT histogram classes are usually derived from base TH1 (see screenshot above). This means that the 3D and 2D histograms look like a kind of completely 1D histogram, similar to how multidimensional C arrays are basically an abstraction of a 1D repeating block of memory.

    Create A Histogram mm

    It turns out there are several ways to create a ROOT’s histogram object. The easiest way is to use one of the many constructors provided for each specific class in the main histogram hierarchy. read more about the parameters in the subsection of the Constant or Variable Tray constructor, read width, below. Histograms can also be created:

  • Calling the Clone() method of the running histogram

  • Creating a projection from a 2D or 3D histogram

  • Reading a histogram file (see chapter Input/Output)

  • Fixed Or Variable Cell Width

    Histogram styles offer many ways to create a bar chart, but many common ways are to provide a name and title. Histogram for each dimension: number of intervals, minimum x (lower edge of the first ton) and maximum integer X number (upper edge, I would say, last ton).

    If you’re using this you constructor, you’re probably creating a bar chart with a constant (fixed) bin width on a common axis. In the above period example [0.0, 4.0] in increments of one hundred dollars will be the width of the compound = w x 4.0 - 0.0 50 = 0.04 divides the x-axis values ​​(dimension). Similarly for the y-axis y (dimension) we have bins greater than or equal to w Y = 1.5 (-3.0) - 200 = 0.0225 .

    If you want to create bar charts with different cell widths, ROOT provides another suitable constructor for this purpose. Instead of specifying interval data of multiple and bins, you should run an array (single or exact) of double bin edges. If a particular interval histogram has n, then there are n+ 1 distinct edges, so the spectrum you skip should have a weight of n+1.< /p>

    Each histogram object contains three TAxis objects: fXaxis , fYaxis , and fZaxis, but for the histogram In multidimensional histograms, only the x-axis is important, while in two-dimensional histograms, the x and y axes may be important. See all access methods in the TAxis class. The cart bounds are usually stored internally in double precision.

    In many cases, you can check the bounds/limits of the actual histogram, fix blockssetting the parameters as axes, in the following example:

    Block Numbering

    All histogram functions support either fixed or variable bin types. 2D histograms can have a fixed vessel size on the x-axis and a variable size on the block y-axis, or vice versa. The fill, draw, call handling, and histogram functions are identical in each case.


    Penultimate stack (bin# contains nbins) Rand top (xup EXCLUDED).case

    What is the bin content of th1s and th1i?

    TH1S, Th2s and TH3S consist of one short per (max tray capacity = 65,535 trays). TH2I th1i and TH3I contain an integer in a (max cell content = 147,647,483 only).

    in fact, for or 2d-3D histograms, the number of the “global bin” is determined. For example, consider a three-dimensional histogram
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